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What is Carb Cycling and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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What is carb cycling? It’s a question being asked in many different places, particularly online. It’s a top discussion over social media, and weight loss forums are always bringing it up.

Still, while it may be a common topic, it’s not as common to actually go into “what is carb cycling?” This is a practice you’re most likely to hear about when you’re focused on muscle building, fitness and fat burning.

What is Carb Cycling in General?

Many people think that when they ask, “what is carb cycling?” they’re inquiring about a specific diet. It’s not. Instead, it’s a strategy incorporated into many different types of diet. For example, some serious athletes love using this method to build muscle and burn fat. The way the cycle functions depends on your goal.

A bodybuilder, for instance, may want a high carbohydrate day followed by three days in which they eat as few carbs as possible. When it comes to weight loss, it’s more likely that people will track every carbohydrate gram they eat. The number of carbs they can have depends on their goals, current muscle mass and weight and their activity level

What is Carb Cycling in Practice?

On performance days, you need carbohydrates. Therefore, if you’re going to the gym or training for a half marathon, you need to eat carbs. Your body will burn both carbs and body fat instead of using protein. You need protein for your muscles. Protein is the top macronutrient for muscle building.

However, on recovery days, eating too many carbohydrates will only hold you back. Your body will respond by storing the unused energy within your body fat cells. As a result, your less active days should include less carbohydrate consumption.

What is Carb Cycling for Weight Loss?

Your main decision is whether or not you should actually try it. Your first step to answering that question involves a trip to your doctor’s office. This dieting strategy is not for everyone. Moreover, if you do it wrong, there are consequences you could face.

Your doctor can help you to better understand what is carb cycling and how to use it to shed the pounds. The odds are that you will need to learn a great deal about nutrition. Furthermore, you’ll need to be sure to boost your exercise level.