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Great Sources of Free Workout Videos Online

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Face it, we don’t all have the time to workout and can’t all afford the gym so free workout videos are gaining popularity. Here we will give you the heads up on the best sources for free workout videos.


Free Workout Videos:


Youtube has so many channels from the most popular workout gurus to the lesser celebs out there but they are also the best right now and free is also a great price! There is something for everyone on Youtube including yoga, pilates, strength training, cardio, zumba, and more.




BeFit is a channel with a lot of variety. It is a channel with cardio and resistance training and anything you can think of from people like Denise Austin and Jillian Michaels to name a few. You can start off with something easier and then work up to more challenging videos as you progress.




This is a take on Pilates but don’t be fooled into assuming it is that tame. Trainer Cassey Ho puts you through quite a little bootcamp. This channel caters to a younger group and that’s fitting for those who practice yoga and Pilates but like a rougher, more intense workout. This is great for cardio burn, core strength and endurance.

These are the best and most well-rounded channels for free workout videos.


Spark People:


This is an overall good site for a variety of workouts and the inspiration you need as well. If you need a diet plan to go with the workout video you choose--they have it. If you need inspiration--you have it in the form of forums and other tools. So, apart from the free workout videos function, you get a well-rounded workout site.


Yogasynch TV:


This channel has the best in yoga from beginners to advanced. You can use videos from each day to several days a week 20 -30 minutes each time. You can learn these ancient yoga exercises in the comfort of home. Using Yogasynch is a great way to unwind and relax without having to feel embarrassed about falling over.




From training guru Rebekah Borucki, is a workout video program that is geared to families. She takes you through workouts for the whole family all the way to fun exercises you can all do together to encourage each other and then she takes you through food fun for the whole family!