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How to Stay Fit and Sexy

How to Stay Fit and Sexy in the New Year

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This year, you’ve worked very hard to make sure that you know how to stay fit and sexy and while you may have made progress, what is clear is that this isn’t something that you will be able to stop if you want to look your best .

Whether you’ve already achieved your goal and you are simply hoping to maintain it, or whether you are still working on reaching your goal, you need to look at the New Year as a way to propel your efforts forward and keep them going so that you will stay on track.

This isn’t just a matter of setting a New Year’s resolution. After all, most of those fail. Instead, you need to continue to discover how to stay fit and sexy and push yourself to build the right habits so they become a natural part of your lifestyle.

One of the first lessons you need to learn in how to stay fit and sexy is that a fit body actually is a sexy one. Studies have shown – time and time again – that both men and women prefer the look of someone who is in good shape to someone who is simply slim. Being skinny, therefore, doesn’t need to be your goal. Instead, the purpose of your efforts should be the achievement of a healthy body.

In this vein, you will need to focus on both your nutrition and your fitness. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a stiff and restrictive lifestyle that will feel like you’re in prison all the time. Instead, it means that the majority of the time, you’re eating well and within the range of a decent portion size, and that you do between a half hour and an hour of exercise every day of the week.

This isn’t something that happens overnight. It is something that builds over time as you learn about yourself and what will or will not work for you. Therefore, the key is to begin by getting organized. Start with a great diet and fitness tracking program. There are some fantastic options available online and through mobile apps; many of which are free.

This will help you to wrap your mind around what you need to do, keep yourself on track and learn about “calories in and calories out” as well as where your strengths and weaknesses happen to be.

This will also help you to set your goals, which will help to give you something to reach for. As you envision your goals, you’ll build your motivation to keep learning and staying on track.

Finally, prioritize sleep in your life. No matter what you do right, if you’re not getting the sleep you need, every victory will be that much harder to reach. Do yourself a favor and build a solid sleep routine and stick to it; even on weekends. You’ll thank yourself when you realize that you have that sexy body you’ve always wanted and that it feels like it’s maintaining itself.