Tricep Workouts for Women

Best Tricep Workouts for Women

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Planning to go sleeveless? Of course, you need toned-up arms for the look. Or are you merely looking to stay in shape? In any case, tricep workouts are a must. Below are some simple, basic, yet effective tricep workouts for women for attaining toned arms and muscles.

One-Arm Press

One-arm press is an effective yet simple exercise to achieve toned arms. Lie down on your right side with your legs stacked and your knees a little bent. Now simply place your right arm on your left shoulder and lift your torso by pressing your left palm on the floor. Continue to do this till your left arm is straight. Try it 10 times before switching sides and lying down on your left side.

Overhead Extension

You will need to stand for this tricep exercise and grab a dumbbell in both hands. Lift your arms up in such a position that your elbows are next to your ears. Now bend your elbows so that they are at a 90-degree angle. Then straighten your arms by squeezing your triceps so that the dumbbells are pressed upward before slowly lowering your arm back to the starting position.

One-Arm Kickback

You will need a bench for this tricep workout for women. Start with your right knee and palm and place them on a bench. Now grab a weight in your left arm and lift it so that it is in a parallel position with your torso before bending your left elbow to a 90-degree angle. Slowly straighten your arm and then pause for a moment to return to the start position. Do this 10 times before switching sides and placing your left knee and palm on the bench. This is definitely one of the best tricep workouts for women.

Dumbbell Skull Crusher

You can use either a bench or a stability ball for this tricep exercise, along with weights for both of your hands. Lie on the stability ball or bench and extend both arms over your head with dumbbells in both your hands. Next, slowly bend both of your elbows so that your forearms are in a position that is parallel to the floor. Now gradually straighten your arms before lowering them once again. Do this 10 times.

Stability Ball Push-Up

Rest your toes on the stability ball and your hands on the floor. Be careful to place your hands on the floor in such a position that you are able to balance yourself well. Now slowly bend your arms till your elbows are at a 90-degree angle before straightening them again. Do this 10 times.

These tricep workouts for women will help you get rid of extra fat on your arms and tone them up for a better and beautiful shape.