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The Best Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

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Most people don’t know that there are yoga postures for weight loss—or that yoga does way more than that. Here you will discover what you can use yoga for, including weight loss.


What is yoga?

Yoga is thousands of years old, and it is comprised of poses and positions called asanas. There is a whole philosophy behind the art of yoga. It is used to raise spiritual awareness; is it used to raise health awareness; and it is used to bring the body systems back into alignment.

Yoga and health:


With yoga poses, you can access your lymph system. This is by way of gently squeezing the glands with different parts of the body—not always the hands—and stretching the nerves and muscles, which will in turn dump the toxins out of the lymph system. So, yoga offers a way to deal with and prevent diseases. One of the main issues with our bodies is we are a very sedentary society, and we are not exercising enough. It is best that we keep blood and lymph flowing around the body so that toxins don’t sit around and cause an issue.

Yoga and weight loss

Yoga poses for weight loss are simple and very effective. Yoga improves metabolism and increases fat burning just as it helps fight disease and toxins, which are, as it happens, a big factor in weight loss. When those toxins are removed, they no longer interfere with the proper functioning of body systems.

Yoga poses for weight loss

One word of warning though: if you have digestive disorders, blood pressure issues or spine injury, you should not attempt these poses.

Pose 1: Stand with your feet just under shoulder-length apart. Raise both arms and close your hands in a praying position over your head. Then bend to the left while exhaling. Switch and repeat on the right side. Make sure you inhale as you are bending and then exhale hard.

Pose 2: Stand with feet slightly apart and stretch out both arms as if you are flying. Slowly turn your whole body all the way to the right and follow with your bottom half, then lunge forward and arch back. Inhale and exhale hard. Now return to the first position and turn to the other side, lunging with your left leg. This is basically lunges, but you begin them by staring straight ahead.


These two poses and any variations thereof are great for thermogenesis and fat burn.