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Global Obesity at an All-Time High: What You Can Do to Get in Shape

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Being obese is defined as having a body mass index, or BMI, that is higher than 30 kg per square meter. That may seem like a lot, but obesity affects more people than you might think. On a global scale, there are over a billion adults who are considered to be overweight. On top of that, at least 300 million of those men and women could be classified as obese. The World Health Organization (WHO) is constantly publishing facts like these, and their recent studies prove that global obesity is at an all-time high. Understanding what you can do to get in shape will help you to avoid becoming a statistic.

Three Decades Ago: The 1980s

It was not always the case that obesity rates were as high as they are now. Just three decades ago, in the 1980s, global obesity was three times lower than it is today. Due to a combination of ever-changing industrial and socioeconomic factors, the number of adults who can now be considered obese has risen to an alarming level. No longer is obesity considered to be an American disease, as more and more folks from countries such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, the United Kingdom, and even China are finding out that they possess far too much body fat as well.

How to Get in Better Shape

The globalization and modernization of global food markets mean that finding all sorts of choices is now easy for most people. This also means that folks who have gotten used to a strictly organic diet are now privy to processed goodies, empty calories, and fast foods. To get into better shape and avoid becoming a casualty of global obesity, you need to know what foods to avoid as well as what exercises to perform.

Three Steps to an Improved Physique

There are several ways in which you can be proactive about your weight. Global obesity is a pandemic that can be stopped, but first you must do one or all of the following:

1. Talk to your doctor. Speaking with a professional will help you know where you stand in the grand scheme of things in regards to your physical health, abilities, and concerns.

2. Set up a workout regimen. Once you know what you can and cannot do, you should schedule time to get physically active at least once per day.

3. Perfect a diet plan. Exercise is only half the battle. You are what you eat, so now is the time to ignore some of those tasty but unhealthy options and start paying more attention to organic choices instead.