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Eating for Weight Loss Over 50

What to Eat for Healthy Weight Loss Over 50

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Weight loss over 50 years old is absolutely possible.  If you have been struggling, don’t let yourself believe that it is impossible, because that is simply not true.  Yes, you will face different challenges to those you experienced in your 20s, 30s, and 40s.  That said, this only means that you need to take a different approach to reaching your goal, not that it is out of your reach entirely.

Why is Weight Loss Over 50 Years Old Different?

Weight loss over 50 years old is different because at this time in your life, your body has changed.  You are likely not as active as you were as a young adult.  Your eating habits have likely changed.  Moreover, your metabolism has probably slowed at least to some degree, meaning that you’re not burning as many calories. 

By understanding this, you can take a closer look at your current lifestyle and decide what you should be tweaking to stop the gain and promote weight loss instead. While exercise will be a very important component to your overall health and your successful goal achievement, what you eat plays the biggest role in getting results.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you’re likely eating right now and how subtle changes can help you with effective weight loss over 50 years old.

Tweaking What You Eat

Completely overhauling what you eat is likely not a good idea unless your doctor has recommended it and has provided you with guidance for how to proceed.  Instead, it’s better to take on an attitude of gradual tweaking and improvement. This will be easier to adopt and maintain and will mean you’re continually making better choices over time. 

Experts have found that the following eating habits are the most likely to make weight loss over 50 harder to achieve.  Consider the role they play in your life and how you can alter them to reduce their negative impact.

  • Eating out and ordering in – People over the age of 50 years old are likely to eat out at restaurants and order in their meals on a regular basis. Restaurant foods are notoriously high in sugar, salt and fat, regardless of whether it’s fine dining or fast food. Either reduce your reliance on restaurants or learn more about the calorie impact of your meals and measure your portions accordingly.
  • Focus on nutrition – Your best bet is to work with whole foods. Choose options high in fiber, lean protein and “good” fat.  Keep an eye on your calorie, sugar and salt intake. Using a tracking app for a few weeks can help you to gain a solid idea of where your nutrition stands. You may be surprised at what you have been giving your body.

Stop skipping meals – While skipping meals such as breakfast isn’t actually as “bad for you” as some people would suggest, this mainly applies to people in ages up to their forties.  For nutrition and weight loss over 50, it’s typically recommended that you have at least three meals per day to keep up nutrition and energy levels, to keep the metabolism humming and to make it easier to remain physically active.