How to Determine Your Ideal Body Weight

Ideal Body Weight

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It’s a quest that many of us find ourselves on: determining what our exact, ideal body weight is. You might think that you know, but more factors affect ideal body weight than you may yet realize. If you feel as though you are constantly struggling to hit a certain number on the scale, then it may be time for a re-evaluation. Though you may think that you are doing all the right things, you need to understand what your true weight goal ought to be. So as you work towards being your ideal and best self, there are a few important things to keep in mind always. These tips will help you to feel truly accomplished!

As you work toward your ideal body weight, you first want to take a look at yourself and your own body. Consider your height, gender, physical build, and lifestyle. You also want to consider factors such as your Body Mass Index (BMI), which gives you a true measure of the fat versus muscle in your body. Take all of these factors into account when you look at your starting weight and your target, ideal body weight that you want to work toward. This can be eye opening because you find that you have been working toward the wrong number on the scales. Be sure that your big picture is an accurate one when it comes to weight management.

Being Realistic About Your Individual Snapshot

Sure, there are plenty of sources where you can find a typical or average range of what you should weigh given your height. That can be a good starting point, but do take into consideration your age and other factors. When you think about your ideal body weight, it is often a range, and perhaps, with your particular body type, you may not want to be the thinnest in the range. Just be sure that you have a number in mind and that it fits within that range--while recognizing that you may vary a bit along the way.

Going for the smallest number in terms of your ideal body weight isn’t always better. Be ready to commit, but also be realistic about how often you can work out. Change up what you eat as necessary, but don’t go crazy. Working toward a healthy lifestyle and, therefore, a healthy version of your ideal body weight will ensure that you don’t go to unhealthy extremes. That’s always important since it will help you to be your best, look your best, and be the healthiest that you can possibly be--that is, truly ideal!

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