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If ever there was a word to put fear into the hearts of men everywhere, impotence is that word. Male impotence is a common problem among men and is characterized by the consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Male impotence can also be the consistent inability to achieve ejaculation, and men will either experience one, or both of these symptoms.


Impotence, sometimes referred to as ‘erectile dysfunction’, affects 1 in 10 men globally, with over 15 million of those men living in the United States alone. And these figures reflect only the reported cases whereas many guys suffer for years without seeking medical attention due to embarrassment or unawareness that this condition can be treated in men of all ages.


Impotence and Age

In the US only 5% of the impotent are under the age of 40 and that number increases to 25% for those over the age of 65. Because of vascular changes aging will alter your body’s blood delivery system. Erectile dysfunction is a vascular disease comparable to its cousins diabetes or coronary artery disease. So if you have ever experienced a consistent inability to have or maintain a hard enough erection for sexual intercourse, you are not alone in your misery and there is no need to suffer silently with so many advances in the science of the treatment for male impotence.


Causes of Male Impotence

Impotence is generally brought on by a physical cause such as injuries to the pelvic area including the penis, disease, surgeries like prostrate operations which damage nerves and arteries, and drug side effects. Drugs for controlling blood pressure, antihistamines, tranquilizers, appetite suppressants and ulcer medications are all examples of drugs that have been proven to contribute to impotence. Between 10-20% of erectile dysfunction occurs due to psychological factors. Don’t under estimate the power that stress, anxiety, fear and depression can hold over your body. Other leading factors that contribute to the limp noodle syndrome are smoking, which adversely affects your blood flow and your hormonal status.


Treatments for Impotence

The good news for those of you suffering from male impotence is that there is a wide variety of successful treatments available. Starting from the least to most invasive these treatments consist of: psychological evaluations and behavior modifications, hormone therapy, oral medications (Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis), mechanical vacuum pumps and locally injected drugs (directly into the penis). Lastly, surgically implanted devices and rarely performed arterial surgeries.


If you’ve had a bad day at work or a big blow up with your partner and can’t get it up occasionally, don’t sweat it. That happens to absolutely everybody at one time or another. Remember the power of your mind. However for those of you who have experienced this problem repeatedly you may be suffering from impotence. Not only does male impotence affect your confidence and self esteem, your partner too plays an integral role because you can bet your paycheck it’s affecting his or her quality of life equally as well. So suck it up Prince Soft and Charming and go and find some help for the both of you.