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Erectile Dysfunction Medications

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There are many treatments for erectile dysfunction, but some of the most popular are erectile dysfunction medictaions. The following are some of the most popular ed medications being used today in the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation. According to a new report released by the American Urologists Society the best top three pills are:



Viagra, released in 1998, was the first erectile dysfunction pill available on the market. Prior to the arrival of Viagra the only options were injection therapy and suppositories. Now that Viagra’s patents have run out, other drug companies have come up with their own versions called Cialis and Levitra. All three products are PDE5 enzyme inhibitors which essentially do the same job - to enhance the effects of nitric oxide in the body to relax the muscles of the penis and allow an increase in blood flow into the blood vessels of the penis causing them to engorge. The psychological component of an erection still needs to be addressed using this type of medication. In other words in most cases, sexual stimulation will still be required to achieve erection.


These three erectile dysfunction medications, Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are safe, effective, FDA approved and have a 70% - 85% success rate in treating ED. Please note that men taking any nitrate based medications (such as nitroglycerine for angina) must not at the same time use Viagra, Cialas or Levitra. At this time no clinical studies have been done to scientifically compare these three different brands. Whichever brand name you chose, each dose will cost more than $10 per pill. A prescription is required.


Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

In addition to Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated with these other medications and herbal products:


  • Alprostadil (prostaglandin E) pills work on the body the same way as the injections, but come in the form of urethral suppositories or MUSE (medicated urology system for erection). Using an applicator, a pill is inserted into the urethra tube inside the tip of the penis. It takes from 5-15 minutes to take effect and the erection lasts up to one hour. The success rate is 30%. It can also be very expensive to use when priced at $17 -$25 per pill.
  • Apomorhine (brand name Uprima) tablets are a different class of pharmaceuticals used to combat erectile dysfunction and work by affecting the brain rather than the blood flow to the penis as other drugs do. Uprima triggers the brain to stimulate the production of dopamine, a brain chemical believed to be an important ingredient for initiating an erection. One tablet is taken under the tongue fifteen minutes prior to sexual activity. Because it is dissolved under the tongue it bypasses the stomach going directly into the bloodstream to start working quickly. On a positive note this drug has no contra indications for nitrate based drugs and can be safely taken with medications such as nitroglycerin. Unfortunately it has proven ineffective for many men. Prescription not required.
  • VigRX, a blend of herbal aphrodisiacs promoted to enhance penis size and quality of erections is one of many like products also available as an impotence improvement option. Remember that many herbal supplements do not require FDA approval and are not controlled substances so you could wind up getting just about anything for ingredients in some of these pills. You must always carefully research any product you intend to use. As to what it is specifically in the product that “gets a rise out of you” is unclear. No prescription necessary.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy has proven successful in cases where a testosterone deficiency has been a contributing factor to ongoing impotence.


About Erectile Dysfunction

For those who don’t already know, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the condition where a man cannot achieve or maintain an erection long enough to engage in sexual intercourse. The primary reason this may occur is due to insufficient blood flow into the blood vessels of the penis, even with sexual stimulation. As erectile dysfunction is generally caused by a physical health problem and not lack of desire, it is extremely important to seek medical attention because it can often be the first and only warning symptom of other health issues. Occasionally this potentially embarrassing condition is caused by aging or has a psychological basis. Regardless of the root of the problem there are several options open to sufferers of erectile dysfunction that may remedy the situation. If the impotence problem has psychological roots, sex therapy and counseling are recommended in conjunction with using a performance enhancing booster.