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The Latest Results from Studies on Testosterone Therapy for Men

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When you are a man, having a robust amount of testosterone running through your veins is important to proper development. However, the idea is not to have too much or too little testosterone but, rather, to maintain the proper balance. The latest results from studies on testosterone therapy for men who suffer an imbalance of this chemical have proven to be quite surprising and enlightening.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is not for everyone. Men who have breast cancer should steer clear of any treatments, as well as those fellas who have a fussy or cancerous prostate, as some testosterone therapies have been shown to raise red blood cell counts. Ask your doctor if testosterone therapy is right for you.

Different Modern Forms of Testosterone Therapy for Men

Luckily, all of this science has left men with several different treatment options. As research uncovers more discoveries, the fellows can expect even more valuable information to surface. For now, the typical treatment consists of one of the following four basic therapies:


  • Transdermal skin patches: Science has given us Androderm, which is nothing more than a patch that is placed daily on some upper portion of the body. It requires a prescriptions from a doctor but can be worn by just about anyone.
  • Gel-like topical treatments: Testosterone therapy for men turned a new page when doctors started offering things like AndroGel, Axiron, Testim, and Fortesta. This pump-out-and-rub-on method allows the hormone to be absorbed immediately and sometimes does not require a prescription.
  • Testosterone injections/implants: If your doctor sees fit, you could have your testosterone injected straight into your muscles. Also, you could opt for placing a testosterone implant/pellets directly into some soft-tissue portion of your body. Testosterone therapy for men is breaking new ground constantly; as science advances, so too do treatment options.
  • Mouth patch: This therapy involves sticking a tablet on the gums above the incisor twice a day. It releases testosterone directly into the blood via receptive oral tissues.

Recent Harvard studies have found that the best testosterone therapy for men is one that offers a dose of the hormone directly into the bloodstream, instead of one in the form of a pill. This is because some experts believe that a pill has too many negative side-effects on the liver, whereas other treatments bypass the liver completely.