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Pesticides on Food Linked to Issues With Semen Quality

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We don’t tend to think about what happens to our foods before they come to the table, but perhaps we should. Though the foods that we eat may be healthy and nutritious, if they feature pesticides or other harmful ingredients then they may be doing more harm than good. It’s great to eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, and we need these as part of a balanced diet. The problem comes about when we consume too many pesticides on food over a long period of time, and therefore put ourselves at risk for health issues down the line. Studies are finding that one of the most prominent problems may be to men and their sperm production.


There are recent studies looking at just what happens to sperm production in men over time if they eat too many pesticides. You don’t tend to think about this each and every day, particularly if you are healthy and try to eat all the right foods. Though this may not cause problems in the short term, over time too many pesticides can really be harmful and may cause a man to have long-term fertility issues. This is bad news and it’s important to understand the overall message and ensure that men still do keep a healthy lifestyle when all is said and done.


So before you turn away from fresh fruits and vegetables and other health foods, you want to understand what this all means and how to still eat right for true balance. Though pesticides on food may be an issue, there are healthy substitutions. Men should be aware of these issues, but also know there are ways to work around it. If there are in fact some fertility issues on the man’s part, then making a healthy switch in their diet may help tremendously. Here’s what you need to know and why this can cause issues in the first place.


Eating produce that uses pesticides may cause long term problems for men if the fruits and vegetables aren’t washed properly:


If the pesticides are prominent, particularly on fruits and vegetables, then this is the biggest contributing factor. It may be that simply washing the produce well with water and soap or vinegar is all that it takes. These pesticides will not cause you problems at all in the short term, and you won’t likely get sick. The problem is that pesticides are just like a toxin and if you eat too many of them over time and don’t work to eliminate them from the body, then they can build up. One of the most notable ways that they can build up and cause problems is by negatively impacting a man’s sperm count.

The biggest problems with foods that used pesticides included a lower sperm count or hurting the overall quality of the sperm:


When you eat the pesticides on food, you aren’t thinking of them as toxins, particularly if they are on healthy fruits and vegetables. Those toxins build up and are stored in the body, and this is particularly troublesome for men. These toxins build up and cause problems such as lower sperm count. They may also contribute to a decreased quality of the actual sperm, and this can lead to longer term fertility issues if left untreated.


Simply switching to organic produce may be the way to go and help to fix any potential problems:


Though you may feel fearful when you hear this news, there’s no need to fret. You may find that simply switching to true organic produce is the best way to fix the problem. When you eat organic foods you are eating fruits and vegetables that don’t use pesticides. So that means that there are no toxins, no build up in the body, and therefore you can eat the right foods and be sure that you aren’t putting your sperm count at risk at all.


This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat fruits and vegetables; just be careful of any possible pesticides:


Keep this in mind, for many men will use this as an excuse not to eat right. You do still need to eat right and take care of yourself, for that alone may factor into your fertility issues too. Just avoiding pesticides on food and being more mindful of your food supply and where it all comes from can help you to get the relief that you need. This is how to contribute to a healthier lifestyle and to ensure that you never put your sperm count at risk all at the same time.


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