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Phenocal Diet Pill Review

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Phenocal markets itself as being a supplement for losing weight that contains the highest quality patented ingredients geared toward appetite suppression and increasing the rate at which the metabolism runs. If effective, this can be very useful in helping dieters to achieve their target weight. By making you feel full (and keeping you that way) while boosting your energy levels, you could make weight loss a much faster and easier experience. The question is whether or not Phenocal can actually live up to its claims.


One positive point about the marketing of Phenocal is the fact that it does list all of its ingredients, though not the quantities in which they are included in each pill. The ingredients include: hoodia gordonii, green tea extract, 5-HTP, garcinia cambogia, chromium, evodiamine, glucomannan, yerba mate, bioperine black pepper extract, coleus forskohlii, cocoa extract, 7-keto-DHEA, L-tyrosine, thiamine HCL, riboflavin, hydroxocobalamin, niacinamide, biotin, pyridoxine HCL, folic acid, calcium pantothenate.


Review of Phenocal Ingredients

  • Hoodia Gordonii - Hoodia is one of the most commonly used herbs in diet pills. Despite its popularity as an appetite suppressant, hoodia is not considered very effective for helping people lose weight.

  • Green Tea Extract - Green tea extract contains both catechins and caffeine that have shown in clinical studies to help raise metabolism and burn body fat.

  • 5-HTP - 5-HTP, also known as 5-hydroxytryptophan, is a compound that is converted into serotonin in the body. Low levels of serotonin are associated with certain problems such as poor sleep, depression and food cravings. Thus, supplementing a diet with 5-HTP can possibly reduce these problems, some of which are related to weight gain and stubborn weight loss. 5-HTP, however, is not considered a very powerful or effective weight loss aid.

  • Garcinia Cambogia - Garcinia cambogia contains a substance called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). Although lab studies with animals suggested that HCA may promote fat mobilization in the body, human studies have revealed so far that HCA has no effect on weight loss or reduction of body fat.

  • Glucomannan - Glucomannan is a common fiber used in diet pills that swells when it comes in contact with water in the stomach. This swelling is thought to make one feel full and eat less.

  • Yerba Mate - Yerba Mate contains naturally high levels of caffeine and is often added to diet pills for this reason. Caffeine helps to boost energy levels, has some appetite suppressing benefits and increases metabolism.

  • Bioperine - Bioperine, or black pepper extract, contains a compound called piperine. Although piperine does not contribute to weight loss itself, it is included in many diet pills because it increases the effectiveness of other ingredients, such as caffeine.

  • Coleus Forskohlii - Coleus Forskohlii is an herb that contains a compound called forskohlin. This compound has shown to be able to increase production of cAMP in the body, which is associated with better metabolism and fat burning.

  • Cocoa Extract - Similar to 5-HTP, cocoa extract helps to elevate serotonin levels in the body. Cocoa extract also contains antioxidants that may help to improve overall health.

  • 7-Keto DHEA - 7-Keto DHEA has shown in some studies to increase the body's ability to burn fat, even at rest. This compound in now a common ingredient used in many over-the-counter diet pills.


Phenocal does contain a number of ingredients that have shown to have some benefit in helping the body lose fat and weight. The only drawback is that Phenocal manufacturer's fail to provide information about how much of these ingredients are contained in each diet pill. What we can ascertain from Phenocal's long list of ingredients is that it is unlikely there is enough of any one ingredient to be of much benefit. There are simply too many ingredients included in each pill for any of them to be adequately included for usefulness. Though indeed ingredients such as green tea, glucomannan, caffeine, hoodia, chromium, and garcinia cambogia are all exceptionally common diet pill ingredients, a certain concentration of them are required to reap any of their potential benefits.


Phenocal and Weight Loss – Do Phenocal Diet Pills Work?

By way of examining the marketing materials and ingredients list, it does not look as though it has the potential to be very effective and, on top of that, it does cost a bit more than other products that contain similar ingredients and make similar claims. It simply does not leave a professional or adequate impression online to encourage confidence or recommendation.


The official Phenocal website does offer a money-back guarantee to help to take the risk out of ordering its products. It is not necessarily an easy process, though, nor are you entirely reimbursed. First, you must receive an authorization code from the manufacturer before you are permitted to send the product back in order to receive the refund. Second, it is only the price paid for the product that is reimbursed, not the shipping of the product to you, nor the return shipping fee from you to the company.

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