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5 Incredible and Inspiring Senior Athletes

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Who says that you have to quit being an athlete when you reach a certain age? Nobody, that’s who. These five incredible and inspiring senior athletes have drastically redefined what it means to grow old as they bust through numerous records, put younger athletes to shame, and generally surprise us all. Gone are the days when our seniors retire on rocking chairs while their golden years float by. Today’s senior is an unapologetic athlete who rocks more than those chairs.

1. Beckles, Adam Beckles. Age: 78 years young

This senior athlete is known as one of the most notable figures in the bodybuilding world. Having competed in over 100 different contests, Mr. B (also known as Mr. Britain, circa 1970) has absolutely no plans on quitting anytime soon. Currently, he holds several prestigious records as he enjoys senior living in California while following a strict vegetarian diet and working out regularly.

2. Man on the Moon, Mr. Ray. Age: 80 years young

As a professional bodybuilder himself, Ray Moon, who is now in his eighties, is no stranger to health-related obstacles. Having dealt with open-heart surgery, two strokes, polio, and financial ruin, he has always bounced back, and he remains an incredible and inspiring senior athlete today. In fact, he is the oldest Australian bodybuilding champion to this day, despite his use of a pacemaker.

3. Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. Age: 80 years young

Here is a senior athlete who really knows how to have a good time. As a member of the NHL for over 30 years, he is now a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. What’s even more inspiring? Mr. Hockey still plays his favorite sport as much as he can when he is not serving as ambassador for the hockey association.

4. Bob “Mr. Baseball” Uecker. Age: 73 years young

This senior athlete is truly amazing. Having worked as a pro baseball player for years, he then went on to be a broadcaster and actor while conquering old age. Recently, Bob Uecker and his incredible physique even showed up in Sports Illustrated, looking like the fit and fine boss that he is.

5. Ms. Chris Evert. Age: 54 years young

As a former professional tennis star, Chris Evert is not quite used to the phrase “senior athlete.” Once the champion of six U.S. Open tournaments, she runs a tennis academy today in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.