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Women Find It Hard to Lose Weight

Top Reasons Women Find It Hard to Lose Weight

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People assume that losing weight is easy. There is no doubt that you can lose weight without many complications, but that is only if you use the right methods.

If you try to use shortcuts or unorthodox methods to lose weight, there is a chance that you will not see results. Women find it extremely hard to lose weight as compared to men. Let’s look at the top reasons women find it hard to lose weight:

Haphazard Diet Plan

Diet plans for losing weight are not meant for everyone. Each person has a different body type and requires a custom plan. Moreover, the diet plan should aim to control your calories as opposed to burning fat. When you limit the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis, your body will quit storing the excess as fat. But you still need to burn the calories stored in the form of fat from your body. This is where most women go wrong. They rely on dieting alone to help them lose weight, so they do not see significant results.

No Reduction in Calories

A common misconception for many people is that they can limit the amount of food they eat and thereby lose weight. This is correct, but there is more to it. Each food item has a specific number of calories. Certain foods have more calories per gram than others. In such a case, your aim has to be to eat foods that have the lowest calorie count per gram. This way, you will be able to consume more yet gain fewer calories. If you consume less of a food that has more calories per gram, you will starve yourself yet maintain a significant calorie intake. This will do more harm than good since starvation causes the metabolism to slow down.

Relying on Exercise Alone

Always keep in mind that it is not as hard to lose weight as it is made out to be. Most people rely on exercise to help them lose weight. While exercise helps in dropping a good number of pounds, it has to be combined with a diet plan. Exercise alone cannot give you great results. This is why you should not only hit the gym but also follow a diet plan. You do not have to exercise in an intense manner. A good 45- to 60-minute workout every day should be sufficient. Be sure to get plenty of rest in order for your muscles to recover.

Sleep Deprivation

Another thing that disturbs your metabolism and causes you to gain weight is sleep deprivation. Whenever you are not getting proper sleep, there is always a risk that the metabolism may slow down. This is why you should never compromise on sleep. If you do, you will not be able to lose weight. Once the metabolism slows down, your body goes into conservation mode. The food you eat, no matter how little, will be stored as fat.

If you find it hard to lose weight, be sure to avoid the abovementioned weight-loss mistakes.