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Don't Break Your Weight Loss Resolution Now

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Weight Loss ResolutionAlmost half of you make some sort of weight loss resolution and yet only a small percentage end up keeping them. It could be the lack of resources or motivation, or maybe you just lost interest. In any case, it’s time to get back on track and finish what you have started. So, here are some reasons that people aren’t able to keep a weight loss resolution followed by how to actually stop that from happening.

Doing It Alone
People need to stay motivated and encouraged when they are starting something new. Weight loss is not an easy journey which is why it’s best to pair up with someone who has made the same weight loss resolution. Having a partner creates accountability and that is what will help you be successful.

Unattainable Resolution
If your New Year’s resolution is to run 5km every day, you have set yourself up for failure. Exercising for weight loss takes time because you have to build up your stamina. A more realistic resolution would be to start off with 500m with a goal to increase 500m every week.

Giving Up On Your First Roadblock
When you don’t see results overnight, chances are you get discouraged and lose interest. Giving up is a major reason people aren’t able to keep up with their resolutions. You start finding excuses, such as there is just too much on my plate right now, I can’t make time for the gym. Every situation has a solution, for example if you are too busy, use your lunch breaks to workout in your own office or go for a run before going to work. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Financial Burden
A lot of times people break their resolutions because they find that it’s just too expensive. For example, the gym membership fee is too high or purchasing workout equipment isn’t affordable. You don’t need special equipment to lose weight. Run outside instead of on a treadmill and do bodyweight exercises instead of using dumbbells.

Unplanned Resolutions
You have decided to lose weight as your New Year’s resolution, great! But have you thought about how you are going to achieve that? Best resolutions have a plan of action, such as creating a meal plan and coming up with a creative workout routine.

Lack of Commitment
You need to be honest with yourself when trying to lose weight. Don’t waste your time if you don’t really care for a slim fit body at the cost of depriving yourself of high calorie foods that you love. There is nothing wrong with being in the shape you already are. If calorie dense foods are what make you happy, so be it.

Lack of Confidence
If you are going to walk into a weight loss resolution, you need to believe in yourself. Thinking that you can’t do it because it’s too hard, then chances are you probably won’t be able to do it. Only a positive mindset can help you achieve what you want.