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Anne Collins Diet Program

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Anne Collins is a nutritionist and a professional weight loss consultant with more than 23 years experience. The Anne Collins Weight Loss Program’s philosophy is simply eat better and lose weight. The program focuses on individuals changing their attitudes about weight loss and learning to eat better for the rest of their lives. She encourages people to stop falling for every fad diet that comes around, as well as throwing out expensive diet pills that typically hinder weight loss.


Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

Unlike many online diet services Anne Collins diet program offers nine diet options depending on the individual’s dietary needs, including vegetarian diets, low carb. diets and a cholesterol–lowering diet. There is also a wide range of articles and advice columns.


However, her online program provides very few tools to help you reach your weight loss goals. There isn’t a meal planner, or shopping list or exercise tracker like many of our higher–ranked products. Anne Collin’s diet program focuses more on the importance of the membership boards and your weight loss community. The online program relies on you to become an active member in the forums. There is also very little emphasis on exercise, although there are articles and tips about physical fitness and exercise.


While Anne Collins is a respected member of the nutritional community and her online service was the cheapest we reviewed, her website features paled in comparison to our higher–ranked services, eDiets and

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