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Hallelujah Diet

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The Hallelujah diet is a vegan diet that is based on various biblical principals one of which is that God gave human beings the perfect foods to eat: fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. This diet hails from Hallelujah Acres, which is a non denominational ministry whose duties include provision of educational products, resources and services that help people understand God’s teachings and guides to a healthy lifestyle.


Hallelujah diet offers a wide range of guidelines all calling for people to consume 15% cooked foods and 85% raw foods, vegetable juices, and a small amount of fruits or juices, which gives it very similar diet guidelines to the Raw Food Diet. It also advocates for healthy eating, exercise and further offers spiritual lessons which help encourage dieters by helping them grow spiritually as they undergo the weight loss program. Since the program advocates for people to eat natural foods and avoid foods with hydrogenated oils and fats, hallelujah diet receives backing from various scientific sources worldwide.


Hallelujah diet has many benefits, but the most important is that it is an effective dietary program that has long lasting effects. Since the diet is based on eating foods that are low in cholesterol and high in other beneficial nutrients like fiber, most people can benefit from this diet plan, however it may not be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers, or young children. Followed properly, it is easy for one to see results of the diet within a short time. The plenty of fresh vegetables included in the diet help in weight loss and prevention of diseases. Also, the diet comes with plenty of offline and online support mechanisms which are administered through seminars, community support, events and recipes. This makes it easy for the user to stick to the diet plan.


The religious teachings included in the diet plan offer a great solution for individuals seeking to find spiritual guidance in a weight loss program. The high vegetable and fiber content provides antioxidants that help reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the low fat helps reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood. Further, the diet provides good amounts of antioxidants that can help to eliminate free radicals from the body, which can be a cause of some cancers.


The Hallelujah Diet also requires that you supplement your meals with their juices products. BarleyMax appears to be the most commonly suggested juice and is sold on the official website for approximately $40US. (I imagine you could also make your own barley juice if you have the proper juicer and access to fresh barley). The juices used in the Hallelujah diet have a wide variety of broad spectrum nutrients, such as chlorophyll, amino acids and many vitamins and minerals. There are countless testimonies of the nutritional benefits associated with these products and is one of the diets main selling features.


The cons to the Hallelujah Diet are that it is rather strict and can be very limiting in your food choices. A vegan diet, although it can be tasty and is typically quite healthy, takes some work on your part. In particular, you will have to spend more time preparing your meals, which may not work for everyone’s schedule. Also, making sure you consume enough plant protein is essential when following the Hallelujah Diet so that you don’t experience lean muscle loss. The final con is that most people wanting to try this diet will have to buy the juice mixes. No doubt they are very healthy, but if a vegan diet is the answer to your weight loss woes, you may want to save your pennies and buy a good vegan cook book instead. In the end, it’s up to you.

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