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Is a Rowing Machine Workout as Good as a Treadmill?

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Did you know that a rowing machine workout can give you just as much of a workout as a treadmill? In fact, depending on the program you use while you’re on the treadmill, you may even get a better outcome from rowing.

This is great news for anyone who absolutely loathes getting onto the treadmill at the gym. Moreover, in many places, a rowing machine workout means you won’t have to wait as long for a machine to clear up. After all, there aren’t nearly as many people who use that equipment as there are those who use the treadmills.

Increasing Popularity of the Rowing Machine Workout

After being relatively ignored for decades, the rowing machine workout is now moving into the spotlight. It is actually one of the biggest fitness trends expected to take over this year. While it may not look especially wonderful, and it may be different from what many people are accustomed to doing, it comes with a lot of benefits.

The reason for the rising popularity of the rowing machine workout is because it is so dynamic. It provides a highly efficient total body workout. It is a type of exercise that saw a moderate amount of attention three decades ago. However, since that time it has been relatively ignored.

Now, as more dynamic exercises are more understood and respected, the rowing machine workout is moving back into gym use once again.

Research into the Rowing Machine Workout

Small studies have done comparisons between a rowing machine workout and other types of exercise, including running on a treadmill. The research involved 20 minutes of exercise by athletes with similar performance levels. Following the exercise, various output measurements were made using electrodes.

The calorie expenditure was greater among the athletes who ran on a treadmill. The average runner’s estimated calorie expenditure was about 350, whereas the average calorie-burn for those doing a rowing machine workout was closer to 300 calories. That said, it’s important to note that both of these figures are quite high calorie burning levels.

When it came to muscle activation – that is, the overall effectiveness of the workout – the rowers won out. The electrodes found that there was more electricity flowing through each muscle group of the rowers over the runners. Therefore, while the calorie burn may have been slightly lower, it was a bigger workout overall.