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How to Get a Six Pack

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Six Pack Abs have long been sought after as the quintessential evidence of a well-defined physique. Achieving them breaks down into a basic two-step process; lose belly fat and tone the underlying muscle. The muscles are there, but often hidden beneath extra fat covering the area. Because of this, it is necessary to address both nutrition and exercises targeted for the abdominal area to achieve the best results. Unfortunately, losing belly fat is a tedious process. It does require time, effort and consistency.


Six Pack Diet

Nutrition to reduce belly fat is based on the basics of good eating. A diet well balanced with fruits, nuts, fish and fiber will go a long way toward not only reducing body fat, but increasing the general health of the body overall. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast such as oatmeal will rev up the body’s metabolism thereby increasing the rate at which calories are burned for the remainder of the day. Foods that have gone through the least amount of processing are the ones to incorporate into your routine remembering that the more natural a food source is, the better it is for the heart and the waistline. Even if you’re not trying to achieve the abs of an Adonis, reducing belly fat has proven health benefits for both men and women with a reduction in cardiovascular diseases.


Six Pack Abdominal Exercises

There are a variety of exercises that are geared to target the abdominal muscles specifically, and can be adapted into most anyone’s fitness regime. Crunches, Sit Ups, and Leg Lifts are some of the simplest ways to get the abdominal muscles activated and toned. As you move through the exercises you should feel the abs contracting. Try holding the position for a few beats and relax, remembering to breathe.


Researchers at the San Diego University studied different abs-defining exercises to determine which ones resulted in the most muscular activity, and the front-runner was the Bicycle Manoeuvre. Lying on a mat with the lower back pressed flat, place your hands behind your ears and bring the knees up at a 45 Degree angle. From this position, touch your elbow to each opposite knee in an alternating motion as in a pedaling motion. To give it an extra kick, incorporate some interval training into the routine. Pedal steadily for 60 seconds and then increase the speed to double time for 15, then return to regular speed. As with all routines, remember to warm up, breathe and cool down to optimize the benefits and minimize muscle stress.


Tips about how to Get a Six Pack

Almost anyone can achieve sculpted abs, but you have to be willing to work for them. Always remember that you cannot spot reduce body fat. If you want to have a chiselled six pack then you are going to have to eat a low-calorie, healthy diet and exercise to reduce your overall body fat percentage.