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Risk of Diabetes Increases with Daily TV Watching

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If we’re being honest then we’re a society that just loves our TV. No matter how healthy we feel that we are, we can spend hours in front of the TV and not even think about it. Though many wonder how issues like childhood obesity are on the rise, others point to the fact that we live a very sedentary lifestyle. Though this may not seem like a big issue each day, over time sitting in front of the TV can add up to real problems. If you have never considered just how risky this might be, then consider how your risk of diabetes goes up tremendously when you are watching TV day after day with no real activity.


We tend to focus so much time and attention on our youth and their improper TV watching, but it all starts with us as adults. If we’re spending too much time in front of the TV, then what kind of message are we sending? Children look to their parents to set the trends and if you aren’t getting outside or getting active, then you are telling your kids that watching TV works just fine as a pastime. So keeping that in mind and knowing that a sedentary lifestyle can really hurt you, it’s time to wake up and pay attention to why this is such a vicious cycle. If you don’t change your ways then you may end up with a really poor picture of health overall, and nobody wants that.


If you need a little bit of motivation then understand how your risk of diabetes goes up exponentially if you’re sitting in front of the TV day after day. If you don’t believe it then take a look at the big picture, and use this as motivation to change your ways and live a healthier life overall—this is positive change that really does matter greatly!


Excessive TV watching indicates a sedentary lifestyle:


This is perhaps the most important issue of watching too much TV and how it relates to health problems. When you are spending hours in front of the TV each and every day then this is indicative of a sedentary lifestyle. This means that on a daily basis you are not exercising, you are not getting up and moving, and you are instead just sitting and taking in the shows on TV. This can put too much strain on the body and contribute to weight gain. It may come on slowly at first, but you will often gain weight when you lead a sedentary lifestyle—and so starts the patterns of risk!


When you’re watching TV you are also likely to eat poorly:


As if the sedentary lifestyle isn’t enough of a problem, it often is a pathway to eating poorly. If you are eating the wrong foods and not getting enough activity, you will likely gain weight. You will put unnecessary and extra strain on the body and this all contributes to increasing your risk of diabetes and other health concerns. This isn’t good for anyone and even if you don’t have a family history of diabetes or heart conditions, you are hurting yourself every single time you sit in front of that TV and eat the wrong foods. It causes harm overtime and this can really add up to bigger issues in the long run.

Improper diet and too little activity can put you at risk for a variety of health conditions:


When you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle, this causes you to gain weight. When you carry that excess weight over an extended period of time, that puts too much strain on the heart and the other organs. When you put too much strain on the body and the organs, it can lead to bigger complications and health problems. You might not think that the sedentary lifestyle or TV watching matters now, but if this carries on for years and you gain weight and don’t take it off, then you are hurting yourself in the long term.


Type 2 diabetes is the most common health condition that one may develop out of this sedentary lifestyle:


If you aren’t worried about increasing your risk of diabetes now, then think of how it may be a problem later on. These studies show that the more you watch TV and keep from an active lifestyle, the more that you are causing an imbalance in your body and therefore harming your body. So though you may be tempted to watch TV, you should instead get active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Keep the TV watching to a minimum to lower your overall risks.