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Ionamin is a prescription diet drug that is made up of the popular weight loss ingredient called Phentermine. This is the most popularly prescribed form of medication to assist obese individuals with their efforts to reduce their weight in order to decrease their risk of certain serious health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. As the extra weight can make the risk or the severity of those conditions worse, by taking this pill and eliminating the excess pounds, the struggles relating to those medical issues are also reduced. 

Ionamin belongs to a class of drugs that work as stimulants which are chemically similar to medications called amphetamines. These work by providing the nerves in the body and the brain (the central nervous system) with stimulation that results in appetite suppression.


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How Does Ionamin Work?

Beyond suppressing the appetite, this pill also works to give its users an energy boost which is very handy for helping to combat fatigue. Fatigue is chronic among dieters who are eating a calorie reduced diet as their bodies are consuming as much food energy as they are accustomed to receiving. This can make it hard for dieters to maintain their motivation to continue their weight loss efforts, and can make it more difficult to keep up with an exercise routine. The energy boost provided by Ionamin can make all the difference to an obesity patient’s success. 

The drug, used on its own, will not result in weight loss. Instead, it is one part of a larger weight loss program that consists of a properly adjusted healthy diet, and an appropriate daily activity routine. The point to taking Ionamin is to reduce or eliminate the unpleasant feelings that are generally associated with those other two parts of the program, which are hunger and fatigue. Without feeling hunger pangs, it is possible to eat less and not feel uncomfortable. Without feeling tired all the time, it is easier to keep up with an increased activity level. 

Ionamin Effectiveness

Ionamin has been found to be quite effective for many patients with obesity. That said, it should not be taken by just any obese patient. There are medications and health conditions that can cause dangerous conflicts with this medication. If you are considering taking this pill or if it has been prescribed to you, make sure that your doctor is aware of any other medications you are taking (even if they are over the counter or herbal remedies) or health conditions that you might have or from which you have suffered in the past.

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