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These Small Eating Habit Changes Could Help You Lose More Weight

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Lose More WeightMany people around the world want to lose weight but most of them give up on their efforts after the initial stage. Adopting new habits is easy but continuing the same habits requires determination and willpower, which many people lack and thus constantly fail to shed the extra fat. What you might not realize is making small changes can prove just as effective for helping you lose more weight. It may seem contradictory but it is possible. According to new medical research, it has been proven that you can lose more weight by taking baby steps instead of making huge changes.

The logic is simple that when people try to change their eating habits entirely they fail quickly and can’t recover. This is why taking small steps is encouraged for effective weight loss. Let’s take a look at some small eating habit changes you can make to lose more weight:

Don’t Skip Meals

There is a common misconception that eating less will lead to weight loss, which causes people to consider skipping their meals. This causes your metabolism to slow down and the alteration in the metabolic rate means a slower conversion of fats into energy. This means the fat will start accumulating in the body. It is recommended by health experts to not skip meals. Eating less doesn’t mean you have to skip meals.

Eat More Meals in Smaller Portions

Many people are inclined towards having 2 to 3 meals a day, which is the routine for most people, and often when they are in hurry, they start skipping meals or eating larger portions at one time. This severely alters the metabolism level. Thus, it slows down the weight loss process. A better option is to divide the food you eat over the course of the day into several meals, ideally 6 or 7, with smaller portions.

Eat Raw Food Prior to Every Meal

A majority of people find it hard to make a shift towards raw fruits and vegetables. This is why it is better to start off with a little bit in every meal. Prior to eating your primary meal, make a habit of eating a cup of raw fruits and vegetables. It can be anything of your preference. As long as it’s fresh and natural it’s good for your health. Raw foods are dense in nutrients and low in caloric value, thus when you consume them, you will be satisfied and won’t want larger portions of your primary meal.

These few changes in your eating habits will help you lose more weight without trying too hard or engaging in any task out of your routine. These changes are small enough that they become hard to ignore. Hence, you can be consistent and make a big difference by shedding weight.