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Post-Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips

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Post-Thanksgiving Weight LossIn the excitement of Thanksgiving, many people do not stop to think about how much food they are stuffing into their mouths. Only once the holidays are over do they cringe at the sight of the damage that has been done. A bloated tummy and more than a few newfound pounds are usually waiting for you on the other side of the holidays. However, with these amazing and effective post-Thanksgiving weight loss tips, you can get down to your pre-Thanksgiving size in no time.

Do Not Stress

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they take a look at their post-Thanksgiving form is to start stressing. The next move is automatically to starve themselves till they have lost it all. We all have done this and regretted it later because it never works; we just end up going deeper into depression and binging on everything we should be keeping away from. A wiser approach is to take a few deep breaths, analyze the damage, then draw a plan and get to work on it. If you have a hard time managing stress, you'll have a hard time managing your weight. 

Gradually Cut Out High-Calorie Beverages


One of the biggest culprits in weight gain is high-caloric beverages. Simply by eliminating the sodas and “sports drinks”, you will be able to stay within your daily caloric limit.

Start Staying Active

Here is one of the most important post-Thanksgiving weight loss tip. Get active because, frankly, the weight is not going anywhere unless you start moving. If the weather is fine, take a stroll or a jog outside, and if that is not possible, join a gym or just run up and down the stairs. The focus should be on increasing movement because that is what will help you shed the pounds.

Make Healthier Food Choices

Staying active does matter, but it will be of no use if you are re-consuming all the calories you are burning. Watch what you eat. We strongly advise that you stay away from those diet plans that promise an unrealistic weight-loss goal—say, 10 pounds in a week. If these diets worked and delivered permanent results, you wouldn’t be getting on and off the bandwagon every Monday.

Set Small Goals

This post-Thanksgiving weight loss tip should be on your mind all the time because it is that important: Do not focus on losing all the weight in one week, and similarly, do not get on the scale every day as doing so will only end up bringing you down. Set goals for every week, and once you have proven to be successful in accomplishing that goal, set another goal for the next week while continuing with your current goal as well. Allow yourself a margin of error since, this way, you won’t be too harsh on yourself in case you slip up.

All these tips will work to help you shed unwanted pounds. However, you will have to be patient with yourself. Always remember that you need to be your own friend, encouraging yourself to push harder instead of beating yourself down every time you make a mistake or if that scale doesn’t budge.