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What Weight Loss Type are You?

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Weight Loss TypeWant to get the body you have always coveted? In order to find the best weight loss plans and exercises, knowing your weight loss type is indispensable.


With a plethora of weight loss tips and advice strewn across the internet, it becomes overwhelming to choose one. However, it is always prudent to compare all advice against your knowledge of your own metabolism, constitution and genetic makeup, and stick to the plan that makes the most of it. Here’s a guide to help you determine what weight loss type you are:



Endomorphs are generally fat retainers and struggle with weight loss. As they sport a sluggish metabolism, they should be mindful of their diet. Here are the characteristics of an Endomorph Samotype:


  • Gains fat easily and finds it difficult to shed pounds
  • Rounded and pear-shaped body
  • Lethargic metabolism and naturally overweight
  • Large waist and reasonable strength levels

Dieting alone doesn’t suffice for trimming down the body and strenuous exercise should be employed. Boost your metabolism with strength training, cardiovascular exercises and aerobic routines. Reduce your carbohydrate consumption as you might be hypersensitive to it. To look stunning, aspire to shed fat while retaining muscle mass.

The Mesomorph

You could think of mesomorphs as “genetically blessed.” They are described as being of medium built. They are the ones people envy. Here are the characteristics of a Mesomorph weight loss type:


  • Naturally lean and muscular
  • Broad shoulders
  • Naturally strong
  • Medium-sized joints/ bones
  • Female Mesomorphs: Defined hourglass shape
  • Male Mesomorphs: Rectangular or V-Shaped
  • Efficient metabolism and loses fat effortlessly
  • Proficiently gains muscle
  • Responds to exercise expediently

Mesomorphs are the lucky few who do not have to fret over their weight and lose weight fairly quick when they please. When the fat is stripped off the Mesomorphs, natural muscularity unravels. When supplemented with weight training, their body becomes unrivaled. Female Mesomorphs should, however, look for ways to trim their waists, while male mesomorphs should concentrate on keeping their body fat percentage down, as they are prone to gaining weight as effortlessly as losing it.

Steer clear of fatty foods and refined carbs as much as possible, as they trigger a fat storage metabolism. Incorporate seafood into your diet and aspire to eat food rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins.


Ectomorphs put on weight the hardest and are the epitome of skinny. However, they are deplete in muscle mass and do not gain easily. They could be construed as slight and dainty. The characteristics of an Ectomorph are:


  • Fast metabolism
  • Naturally thin and wiry
  • High energy levels
  • Long thin limbs with small joints and a narrow waist
  • Do not gain weight or muscle mass easily
  • Dainty chest, buttocks and shoulders

Ectomorphs should aspire to gain muscle through moderate-heavy intensity strength training. Their ideal nutrition should incorporate 55% complex carbohydrates, 30% protein and 15% healthy fats.