Common Weight and Mass Conversions

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The weight converter calculates standard imperial units to metric and vice versa. It is also a useful tool for converting between common units, such as grams to kilograms or pounds to ounces.


To use the weight converter simply type in the desired amount you would like to covert then select which units you wish to convert from the drop down lists and click 'Convert'. The weight converter is particularly helpful for people wishing to know their body weight in either kilograms or pounds and converting weight measurements used in recipes.In making the calculations, the following conversions are used:

  • 1 pound = 453.59237 grams
  • 1 ounce = 0.0625 pound


-1 # RE: ffviifan 2012-04-08 14:56
Thanks for this! my scale is stuck on the kg setting for some reason and I needed some way to figure out what it meant in pounds because I really don't understand my weight in kilos. I will get a new one, but this is a handy converter until I have the time (and I'm not too lazy) go go purchase one.

This is a really handy tool for circumstances like this one.
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+2 # weight convertertammy 2012-02-15 21:42
I love the converters that are available on this site. It really does help you to get the right information really quickly. It’s not like you want to have to wait around forever when you just want to find out what a kilogram of rice really means in pounds. So something as simple as this stops you from having to find a calculator somewhere (and remember what the difference is between the two measurements).
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+1 # convenientmadscientist 2012-02-06 06:16
I’ve actually bookmarked this page because I use it for the oddest things. I never really used to have to weight things before but now that I’m dieting, I have to weight things a lot for recipes, and a lot of the diet books measure in grams. I find that this resource help my little food scale and my diet cookbooks and recipes to work together very well.

I’ll be weighing dried adzuki beans one night, and cuscus the next. I find that it really helps me to be accurate instead of just ball parking the recipes with what I’m pretty sure the conversion should be.
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0 # This saved my cookbook purchasechristy 2012-01-24 03:49
I just bought an amazing health food cookbook and was very excited about it only to find that all of the measurements were done in grams etc because it was written in England. I’m glad I remembered that this feature is on this website because I wouldn’t have had any idea what to do otherwise.
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0 # handy for recipesfreddyboy 2012-01-08 04:23
When I first saw this, I really didn’t get why it was useful. In my “eternal wisdom” I wondered why anyone would want to convert their pounds to grams, for example, if they already understand how much they weigh in pounds.

It wasn’t until I got a recipe book that has all of its measurements in grams that I realized how very useful this tool is. Thanks for this one!
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