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Is the Flu Shot Effective?

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In a time when Eastern medicine techniques and holistic practices are sweeping the nation, more and more people are asking, “Is the flu shot effective?” Modern science is trying to keep up with the demand for answers, but the evidence is right in front of our eyes. Indeed, what we need to know about the flu shot can be described as hidden-in-plain-sight, though it seems like medical experts and those out to make a quick buck off the sick are reluctant to admit that. Granted, the flu shot has be able to save some people from suffering a terribly inconvenient ailment, but it is debatable as to whether or not the shot is as effective as we once thought it was.

Consideration #1: It Must Be Taken Yearly

When wondering is the flu shot effective, you should ask yourself why it is necessary for you to have the shot re-administered each and every year during what is known as flu season. As an effective vaccine, the shot should have eliminated the virus altogether by now. Instead, we are all subject to the shot each calendar year from the time we are in our mother’s uterus until we are elderly members of society, for a total of over 50 individual shots during the average lifetime. If that is the definition of effective, then we will need to rewrite our dictionaries.

Consideration #2: It Actually Gives You a Sickness

Most people opt to take a flu shot because they want to avoid getting sick. However, in the majority of cases those who get the flu shot wind up with something like a cold shortly thereafter. Interestingly, some folks can’t even distinguish between the flu and the subsequent cold until they have seen a doctor who tells them otherwise—and only after incurring a bill for both the flu shot and the doctor’s visit. If you are still wondering “Is the flu shot effective?” then it might be time for you to consider all of this.

Consideration #3: It Can Be Deadly

Unfortunately, the flu shot has caused death in several reported cases around the world. Although experts still call this a rare circumstance, they cannot be sure about the factors that make the flu shot deadly. This means that it can happen to anyone and at any time. If you are wondering, “Is the flu shot effective at both making people sick and killing them?” then the answer is sometimes “yes.”


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