Why You Should Try Boxing to Lose Weight

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When you are trying to lose weight, you want to find a good exercise program that is going to help you lose that weight quickly and feel amazing. While there are a lot of good options that are out there for you to try, none of them work as well as boxing to lose weight. Here are some of the reasons that you should try boxing to lose weight and to feel your best.

Types of boxing
You can look at your local health club to find some classes that will work well for boxing. Look for some things like cardio-kickboxing, and turbo kickboxing because these are the same thing. You will be able to learn a bit more about boxing and see better results if you go to a boxing gym. These can offer you some private lessons so you learn as much as possible, but if one is not in your area, you will do just fine with an option at your local gym.

How boxing compares
When you are trying to do boxing to lose weight, you want to see how it compares to some of the other exercises you could do. Walking with a treadmill or outside will tone up the legs and helps to burn some calories. You can also use the elliptical machine to add in the arms if you use the handles that move. These are considered some of the best workouts when you are at the gym. But if you would like to get a workout that helps tone the whole body, strengthens you, and burns calories, boxing might be a great option. It also adds to your muscle strength which can burn the calories faster.

How much weight?
It is estimated that if you weigh 150 pounds and you do 30 minutes of boxing using a punching bag you can burn a good 214 calories. You can burn more, up to 322, if you do some sparring with another person. If you do 30 minutes with Taekwondo or karate you can get around 327 calories and being in the ring and boxing has been said to burn up to 400 calories. This will vary depending on how much you are putting into the workout, your weight, and how well you are able to burn calories overall.

As you can see, boxing is a great exercise that burns a ton of calories and makes you feel great while losing weight.