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The Best Exercises for Men Who Want Strong, Firm Abs

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You may be a guy who wants strong, firm abs but just aren’t sure of how to get them. The answer starts with a healthy lifestyle. You need to eat right and do some cardio to burn away the fat. You also need to ensure that you aren’t stressed because too much stress can add to belly fat. Beyond that, you also want to focus on this part of the body that so many men want to condition. It is essential to start by really burning away the fat with cardio and good intervals. Once you get to that point you also want to add in the right strength training. This will help to define the abs and give you a good foundation to work off of.


For the men who want those big strong, firm abs, it all starts with the right foundation. Be sure that you are not spot-training, which means that you only ever focus on the abs. You can highlight this area in your workouts, but don’t push it too much and ignore the rest of the body. One movement that you want to start with is planks. This is core work, and it will really help to add some true definition to the area. Planks can be done in a wide array of different ways, but you should start with the standard. Holding a plank position with only toes and hands to support you really focuses on the abs and adds strength. You will shake at first, and that’s okay as your body adjusts. Work on adding time to your planks, adding resistance, and then trying different variations to mix it up.


Direct and Indirect Focus Always Helps


You may also find that, in the quest to get strong, firm abs, you want to add in some combined cardio and strength-training movements. Good examples of these are movements like mountain climbers and burpees. These are cardio in nature, but they will also help to define the abs quite well as it takes a lot of core strength to get these going for you. Moving through mountain climbers means that you hold the abs still, and burpees get the whole body involved but focus on the core first and foremost. You will also find that a series of direct ab exercises such as sit ups, crunches, and leg raises take things up a notch, too.


So if you want those strong, firm abs, then it’s time to get them once and for all. Be sure that you never spot train but that you do incorporate movements that ask this area of your body to get involved. Cardio and strength training with a strong focus on the abs will always help. Try to isolate the upper, side, and lower abs to get the most value out of your movements, and you will notice the difference. Though you don’t want to ignore the rest of the body, you can get some true value out of moving this body part and making it a highlight of your workouts. Those abs will be rocking, and the results will come at you faster than you might realize with the right effort and focus!