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A weight loss program based out of Canada, Herbal Magic has been designed for both men and women to help with diet and nutritional counseling, as well as offering dietary supplements and meal plans. Various supplements are sold through the program, which help with a variety of issues like weight reduction, cellulite treatment, increasing muscle mass and lowering blood sugar. Unlike many quick-fix diets, Herbal Magic recommends dieters to eat a healthy diet and incorporate daily exercise into their weight loss regimen. Herbal Magic has made weight loss available to people of all ages and medical needs, including specially made programs for children and diabetics.


Since Herbal Magic is based in Canada, there are many weight loss centers found throughout the country. Its weight loss system also offers help to members through the use of online counseling, exercise routines and healthy recipes that member can make at home with foods bought from the grocery store. For dieters looking to add supplements into their daily routine, the Herbal Magic website offers them for purchase. However, be advised that there is no scientific proof that the supplements increase the effectiveness of the Herbal Magic program.


Pros to the Herbal Magic program include the convenience of being able to have the necessary weight loss tool available from the website, as well as the opportunity to order supplements through the site. Diet and exercise are also promoted with Herbal Magic, something that some other diets fail to encourage.


Cons to Herbal Magic include the lack of scientific proof that the program works. In addition, the program is only available in Canada, and there are no guarantees that are offered with paid membership. Some of the supplements may not be healthy for certain individuals. The Herbal Magic website also fails to mention any exact prices for either membership or supplements.


The cost of the program is made available only to those who are interested in the program and sign up for a free consultation at their closest Herbal Magic location. However, because of the location, only Canadian residents may find themselves in proximity to the weight loss centers.

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