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Workout Moves for New Moms

Workout Moves for New Moms That Can Soothe Baby Too!

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After giving birth, you may be looking forward to getting back into a workout routine that will help you shed the excess baby weight and get your pre-baby body back. With the workout moves for new moms below, you can do just that, and you can soothe your baby at the same time too, so you can spend time with your bundle of joy and get fit all at once.


One of the most popular workout moves for new moms is simply dancing with your baby. This will provide you with a light cardiovascular exercise, but you’ll be working all of your major muscle groups and improve your coordination and balance too.

Dancing is also a great way to boost your mood, even when you’re stressed or tired, and if you dance with your baby, he or she is sure to smile and feel at ease too.

Work Your Core

One of the most important muscle groups in your body is your core, so making sure to work the abs regularly will help to strengthen this area and give you a sexy belly. Plus, core workouts also build strength that will support the lower back, helping to relieve pain there.

To work your core with your baby, lie down on your back and bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Put your baby in a reclined or seated position just above, or on, your pubic bone. Holding your baby securely, you can perform some simple crunches and watch as your baby giggles and relaxes along the way.

The Walking Lunge

Another exercise that you can perform while holding your baby is the walking lunge. This will tone your entire lower body, from your butt and calves, to your thighs.

Start by standing tall and looking forward. Then take a big step forward with your left foot, bending both of your knees 90 degrees until you’re in a lunging position. Don’t extend your knee past your ankle; instead, keep the knee above the ankle for safety. Keep the back heel lifted, only pushing the toes into the floor. Then push up with your front heel to return to the starting position before repeating the movement with the right leg.

Workout moves for new moms don’t have to be intense. Taking just a few minutes to do some simple exercises throughout the day while you’re caring for your baby will help build strength and soothe your baby too.