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Vitamin E Help Weight Loss

Does Vitamin E Help Weight Loss?

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Can something as simple as vitamin E really help you with your weight loss?  Is that nutrient we’ve been told is great for our skin and hair also helpful in our efforts to achieve a healthier BMI?  It’s not quite as simple as that, but it’s always good to know what the nutrients in your foods can do to help support your efforts to reach your goals.

Is There a Relationship Between Vitamin E and Weight Loss?

Overall, what you should know is that if you start taking vitamin E supplements for weight loss, the odds are that you won’t see any difference in your results.  It’s simply not how it works.  That said, this nutrient does play many important roles in your body. 

Many people feel that they see a relationship between vitamin E and weight loss because the nutrient is fat soluble.  However, research has found that whether you have just enough of this nutrient or whether you have an abundance of it throughout your body, it doesn’t mean that it will all be used. 

An Oregon State University article indicated that people with obesity may need to take supplements.  However, that was in reference to individuals whose vitamin E levels were low and not necessarily because it would lead to weight loss.

Does it Help with Obesity?

The study did show that people suffering from obesity may have a more challenging time absorbing this nutrient.  While this mean that supplements were helpful in overall nutrition, the vitamin E didn’t cause weight loss to happen any more efficiently.  It helps with various parts of a person’s health but doesn’t cause the body to burn fat any faster. 

Instead, vitamins A, B, and D are known for providing far better support for dieters who are trying to drop excess body fat.

That said, when all is said and done, if you want to achieve efficient weight loss, vitamin E isn’t the answer, calories are.  The only way your body will burn stored fat is if its calorie intake is lower than the number your body burns within the same span of time. 

If you are looking for a way to diet effectively and efficiently, speak with your doctor about the number of calories you should be consuming every day. This will provide you with guidance for safe and gradual results.  If you think your vitamin E levels may be low, you can discuss that, too.