Best Fitness Tracker Apps 2022

The best fitness tracker apps 2022 are filled with useful tools and important features. They can be combined with a healthy diet strategy, weight loss supplements, and workout plans to support your overall fitness goals. Over the last few years, fitness trackers have exploded in popularity. Wearables are working their way into our jewelry and fashions and those of us who don’t have one clipped to our belts or dangling from a necklace nearly certainly have one strapped to our wrists (or already have at one time or another).

That said, whether you have an Android Wear based smartwatch, a Fitbit or even the Apple Watch, without the right app, their features are quite limited. Some have screens that will show you some of your stats from throughout the day, others are limited to a number of lights that will illuminate as you pass certain step goals.

How the Best Fitness Tracker Apps 2022 Benefit You

Depending on your tracker, you may be able to collect varying types of data about yourself. Some are exclusively pedometers. Others will tell you how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed, what your estimated calorie burn might be, how many miles you’ve walked, and some will even tell you your current heart rate (with surprising accuracy according to recent studies).

The immediate data isn’t nearly as important as the information collected over time which can be displayed in various types of charts and graphs. For those, you need the best fitness tracker apps 2022 apps.

What’s in the Best Fitness Tracker Apps 2022?

There are two main types of fitness app: those that work with your wearables and those that don’t. Most wearables come with official applications that allow you to view your results on your computer or phone. That said, there are other apps that will sync with your devices or will at least download the information you’ve uploaded into the official brand apps for your gadgets.

You may be satisfied with the app that comes with your device. However, many people like to use applications that are geared toward their own specific niche. For that, you’ll want the very best to help guide you through your fitness tracking.

The Best Fitness Tracker Apps 2022 Include:

The following top apps will sync with one or several fitness trackers and are listed in no particular order.


This comprehensive fitness app works with the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Android Wear based smartwatches. It is a free application meant to provide a comprehensive experience suited to a truly active individual, regardless of whether you like walking, jogging, running or cycling. If your device can record it, this application can work with that activity data.

Strava combines the information from your wearable with the GPS on your smartphone in order to generate improved tracking accuracy. From there, it brings together all the additional metrics your device has to offer, from heart rate to calorie, distance, steps and other helpful data.

One of the most popular features from this app, and what has helped to propel Strava into many top app lists, is Route. That feature makes it possible for users to save their current route, so they can follow it again later on, or they can download a route created by another user and that they feel will be well suited to their own fitness needs.


Runkeeper is an app designed exclusively for smartwatch wearers whose devices run on the Apple watchOS and Android Wear operating systems. It is another free app and has added untethered GPS support on both the Apple and Android wearable platforms.

Android Wear 2.0 device users are able to download the application directly into the wearable, so it can be accessed untethered from the wrist. Equally, it can still be used on an Android smartphone. On the other hand, Apple Watch wearers will still need to make the initial download into an iPhone. From there, the smartwatch’s own GPS can be used when you head out for a run.

This app is geared specifically toward runners and offers a wealth of different features for routes and metrics tracking for that purpose.

Google Fit

Google Fit has been around for some time now and has undergone many updates and upgrades over time. That said, it has reached its best version yet when used on an Android Wear 2.0 based smartwatch. As this is an official Google product, it is available only for Android Wear users, and it is one of the best fitness tracker apps 2022 that’s free.

This app can be used on your phone, on your wearable or both. Many users especially appreciate that most of its smartwatch features can all be used even while away from the phone. Overall, this app can track a broad spectrum of different activities. The better the tracker and the more recent your device, the more it can do for you. Smartwatches that include heart rate trackers and GPS can take advantage of additional features in the app that allow for more precise route tracking and heart rate monitoring.

If you also happen to use Strava, Lifesum, Runkeeper or Nokia Health Mate, this app can draw data from those apps as well to further fill out your tracking.

Apple Watch Activity

Of the two best fitness tracker apps 2022 preloaded on Apple Watches, this is the more basic. Despite the fact that it is simple and doesn’t boast quite as many features, it’s still very useful and handy to use. It is designed in a way that you can obtain a greater understanding of your exercise and activity levels.

It features an easy-to-follow design, and it is virtually impossible to become confused by its three ring user interface. It has clear Stand, Exercise and Move labels as well as bright, distinct colors that allow you to receive feedback with nothing more than a glance.

This app syncs all your data right back into the larger iPhone activity app so that you can keep a longer time record of everything you’ve done. In this way, you can monitor trends and set new goals for yourself.

Apple Watch Workout

This is the other official app that comes preloaded on the Apple Watch. It is meant for people who want more detailed stats from their devices, instead of very basic feedback. There are different modes from which the user can select, such as walking, running, swimming and cycling. This provides the user with real-time workout information that includes data from estimated calorie burn to pace and even elapsed time.

One of the features that users love the most about this app is its auto-pause. It may sound very simple, but it makes a considerable difference in improving data accuracy when compared to some of its rivals. Many trackers don’t know the difference between resting or having to stop to tie a shoelace or wait for traffic to clear before crossing the road. If a user stops for too long, the fitness tracker will often record it as a rest between two workouts, considerably altering the meaning of the data. The auto-pause feature takes these factors into account, so the metrics won’t be thrown off.

These apps provide a fantastic way to keep on top of the data collected by your tracker, so you can use it for both immediate and long-term goal setting and keeping.

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