Top 5 Simplest Diets to Follow for Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, then finding out the simplest diets to follow will be very helpful. After all, the easier a strategy is to maintain, the more likely you are to keep it up. That said, there’s a lot that goes into deciding whether or not a diet is easy. Keeping it simple when it comes to counting calories can help, but what you eat is where the real change happens.

What Makes the Simplest Diets to Follow?

There are many factors that go into a complete weight loss strategy. Therefore, deciding whether or not it is easy to keep up involves considering several different points. Among them include issues such as:

  • Whether or not it allows you to eat delicious foods
  • Whether or not the foods you eat are filling
  • How many times you eat throughout the day
  • Whether there are highly restrictive requirements
  • Whether there are food requirements or exclusions

That said, just because they’re the simplest diets to follow, it doesn’t mean they’re easy all the time.  The strategies on this list were selected in terms of ease of understanding, low complexity, and accessibility, among many other factors. Still, major changes to any core habits in your life come with challenges.

You might find that you can slip right into one of these simplest diets to follow and keep it up over the long term without many barriers or difficulties.  You might also find that it will be easier for you if you use some of the best diet pills to help shrink some of the most common challenges associated with adopting these new habits.  Or you might find that you have to try several different strategies before you discover one that is sustainable for you.

Remember that strategies to lose weight are a very personal thing, and there is no single plan or program that is perfect for everyone. It’s a matter of finding the one that is best for you, your lifestyle, and the way you build new habits.

So, what are the simplest diets to follow? You may be surprised when you find out.

The 5 Easiest Weight Loss Programs

  1. The Mediterranean Diet – This strategy emphasizes eating whole foods traditionally consumed in the Mediterranean part of the world. It encourages eating vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil, nuts and other nutritious ingredients. At the same time, it doesn’t involve eating much sugar, red meat or saturated fat. While this diet is focused more on overall health than weight loss, many consistent followers find their weight naturally maintains itself.
  2. The Flexitarian Diet – Another health focused strategy among the simplest diets to follow, this one places its main focus on veggies, fruits, plant-based proteins and whole grains. Though it leans away from eating meat and animal-based foods, they’re not forbidden. This is how the diet got its name: flexible vegetarian.
  3. DASH Diet – This strategy is designed to help people to combat high blood pressure. The medical community has given this diet high praise for its diabetes control benefits, heart health support and overall safety for people who follow it.
  4. Weight Watchers (WW) Diet – This diet is actually focused on weight loss and management. It is considered one of the simplest diets to follow because it skips calorie counting. Instead, it uses a kind of points system. There are also several “free” foods that dieters can eat in limitless quantities, eliminating challenges with hunger.
  5. MIND Diet – This strategy is designed to help to improve the body overall while supporting mental health. This involves a straightforward and sensitive eating style, supported by science, to help prevent mental decline.

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