Easy Vegetable Container Garden Ideas to Suit Any Diet

The right easy vegetable container garden ideas can help you to make sure you’re eating fresh fruit you’ve grown yourself, no matter where you live.  Depending on the options you choose, you might be able to keep things going year-round indoors, or you might convert a deck, patio, or balcony space into a lush – though still tiny – field of delicious treasures throughout the warmer months.

Why Even Try Easy Vegetable Container Gardening Ideas?

There are an endless number of health, wellness, and happiness benefits associated with planting your own veggies, tending them, and harvesting them. Moreover, growing your own veg nearly automatically ensures that you’ll be eating great nutritious foods that will suit whatever kind of diet you happen to be following.  Whether you’re keeping carbs down, counting calories, or just trying to make sure you get the right number of servings of your food groups, great easy vegetable container gardening ideas will help to keep you on track.

Easy Vegetable Container Gardening Ideas for Beginners

Easy vegetable container gardening ideas are often more approachable to new gardeners than digging into the ground. Containers also help to control a number of variables in your growing conditions and often require less maintenance once you get going. They can include anything from a window box inside a sunny window to a massive garden bed raised right off the ground.

Overall, when it comes to getting the most from your plants, bigger is better. This shouldn’t stop you from keeping herbs in a window if that’s your preference.

Helpful Tips for Getting Started

  • Larger plants need lots of space for their roots. Make sure your containers suit the plant you intend to grow. If you want to grow big, get a big pot, basket, barrel or tub (with proper drainage). If small plants work for you, you can use smaller pots.
  • Get creative! Nearly anything that holds soil, that can have drainage holes in the bottom and that aren’t made of something toxic that will leech into the soil will work as a planter.
  • Be ready to water your plants. Containers are at a higher risk of drying out than plants in the ground. Throughout the summer on hot days with no rain or little rain, be prepared to water your plants. This will be the most labor-intensive component of well executed easy vegetable container gardening ideas. Some plants that require lots of moisture may require watering twice per day during summer scorchers.
  • Hanging baskets add more real estate to your garden without taking up more space on the ground. Many gardeners do well with hanging baskets of herbs, cherry tomatoes or strawberries. Don’t keep them higher than eye-level or they will be tough to water and check for problems.
  • The sunnier the spot, the easier you will find it to find veggies that will thrive. The best easy vegetable container garden ideas are for full-sun locations. That said, if you get only partial sun, you still have options, just be sure to know how long the spot gets direct sunlight and choose your plants accordingly.

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