Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet Review

Recently a woman in my office went on the Master Cleanse. I was tempted to call it a diet because she lost a bunch of weight, but actually the purpose of Master Cleanse is to rid the body of toxins.

The Master Cleanse is also known as the Lemon Cleanse, Lemonade Diet or the Maple Syrup Diet. These alternative names stem from the primary ingredients of the diet, which is…you guessed it, lemon juice and maple syrup. This cleanse was originally developed by Stanley Burroughs and was published in his book “The Master Cleanser” in 1941.

By following the directions in the book, people are able to adapt the cleanse to their detoxifying needs. The cleanse itself is very straightforward and includes drinking a large quantity of a “lemonade” concoction that includes water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The cleanse also recommends drinking a cup of Senna leaf tea in the morning or before bed and the occasional saline wash that involves drinking salt water.

The woman in my office who just tried this cleanse swears by it. She claims that it helped her body to purge all kinds of toxins and now she feels better than she ever has. It’s also true that she lost about 15 pounds in two weeks, but as the Master Cleanse book clearly states, at least half of this weight loss is water. I admit that my co-worker was pretty cranky some days while doing the cleanse, which is not usually her character, but she also seemed to have an unusually high amount of energy for someone who is not eating any solid foods. I’ll wait to see if she keels over in the next few days, but if not I think the Master Cleanse may be worth a try.

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  • Guinea Piggy

    Well, the woman in my office didn’t drop dead and she looks healthier than ever so I have decided to try the Master Cleanse for myself. I have started a new thread in the Weight Loss Forum about my experience on the Lemonade Diet. Check it out if you want to know how it’s going/went: Master Cleanse – Lemonade Diet

  • Body Detox

    With a detox diet it is advisable to plan it our carefully. The first goal of a detox diet is to rid your body of any harmful toxins, not weight loss. So the removal of insecticide, addatives, antibiotics, etc before weight loss is your first priority. Weight loss can come with the detox diet plans, it has been known to happen on several occasions.

  • Body detoxification diets

    the master cleanse is really very effective in detoxifying the body. it also provides you with Vitamin-C which is a very good antioxidant.

  • Haley

    the master cleanse for me is the most convenient way to detoxify your body. i also happen to love drinking a lot of lemon juice so i love the master cleanse.

  • Jackie Glaubke

    You should give it a shot, the lemon detox diet can work for short term weight loss.

  • Shon Salvio

    With the master cleanse people recommend that you should eat raw foods so that you can not gain the weight you lost back. How long should I do this for before I can start eating normally again?

  • I did a master detox a couple of years ago. I thought it really helped me at the time – not only from the 3lbs I lost over 5 days, but because of my energy levels and health after the detox. It is really refreshing, and also seems like your body really functions at 100% – digesting food properly, and everything passing through as it should. I recommended this to several of my friends too.

  • Anju

    I wanted to know do you have to just drink the lemonade juice or can you eat whatever you want as well. i also would like to know how to prepare it


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