The Truth about Losing Body Fat

When I first began exercising I didn’t care where on my body the fat disappeared because, quite frankly, I had a lot to lose everywhere. But once I started getting down to a more reasonable size I started to visualize the “perfect” body that I was going to magically sculpt out of what muscle I had built and fat I had left. In my mind I decided where my body would take fat from and where it would leave it – a flat stomach (take the fat from there), nice breasts (leave the fat there), a perky booty (take most of the fat but leave me a little), and so on.

A flat stomach was one of my biggest wishes and had been a dream of mine for many years. I still had quite a ponch on the front so I decided the best way to get rid of it was to start doing cruches like crazy. Over the next two months that followed I did sit ups until my abs screamed murder. Every few days I would do a side profile in the mirror and examine my gut. To my frustration, even after two months and thousands of sit ups, my gut was only a little smaller than when I started.

Needless to say, I was very discouraged.

I now know the truth about losing body fat, which was taught to me by my trainer at the gym, and I will share it with you – You Cannot Spot Reduce Fat! When your body loses fat, it loses it from all over, not just in one area, regardless of the exercises your are doing. This is not to say that my sit ups didn’t build up my stomach muscles, cause they did. And this isn’t to say that sit ups don’t burn calories, cause they do. But sit ups won’t burn the fat away from your stomach any better than they will burn the fat away from your back, chest, legs or arms.

If you want to have a nice flat stomach, or even a six pack, then heed my advice. To get this you will need to lose most of the fat on your body. So be prepared, ladies, to buy a smaller bra size if a flat stomach is your dream too.

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