Phentramin-D Diet Pills Worked for Me!

I wrote a post in the weight loss forum about taking phentramin-d and I realized afterwards that I hadn’t blogged about it yet, so here goes.

I have tried diet pills in the past. The one I had the best success with was Phentermine, but that was years ago. I would have bought it again, but you just can’t find it anywhere, so I decided to try Phentramin-d because it is supposed to be just like Phentermine.

I ordered a one month supply of Phentramin-d (I received my order in three days which was great) from Weight Loss Center. Here’s the link if you want to order some yourself Buy Phentramin-D.

I started taking the pills the next morning. I took the first one 20 minutes before breakfast. By lunch time the change was noticeable, I had more energy than usual and I wasn’t very hungry. I took the second pill about 20 mintues before my scheduled lunch break. I had a small lunch even though I wasn’t very hungry and then happily went to the gym after work for a good workout because my body was pulsing with energy. (Pulsing with energy is a funny way to describe it, but that’s exactly what it felt like. Not the jitters like what caffeine does to you.)

At dinner time my appetite was better than lunch time, but no where near how it usually is. I had a modest, healthy dinner and avoided post-dinner snacking with little effort. I slept very well, probably because of the great workout I got.

I thought the first day was a fluke, but all the days following have been the same. I’m really careful not to take Phentramin-d too late in the day (e.g. past 2pm) so that it doesn’t disrupt my sleep because it does give me a jolt of energy. Other than that, I have had no side-effects after two weeks and can’t see a reason to stop taking this pill. So far I’ve lost 13 pounds. For me, that is an impressive result.

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