Week 2 Weigh In

Drum Roll Please….

My current weight is 231 lbs

It’s official, after one week of sticking with my diet plan, working out 5 times and not cheating once I have lost a grand total of 6 lbs.

Woo Hoo! I’m very happy with this result. I’ve lost about that in one week before, but it’s still really great. I find that I lose the most weight in the first week. Week two is always tougher to get through and I don’t lose as much.

Dieting is always hardest when you don’t see big results and your motivation starts to dwindle. I’m really going to try to stay on track this time. I have to right? If I don’t everyone here will know. I can’t let that happen.

This train of thought brings about an important part of weight loss that is easily overlooked – accountability. It is so easy to place blame on other people and circumstances when our weight loss efforts start to head south. The truth is though, that it is up to us, the ones trying to lose weight, to keep going through thick and thin and it is no ones fault but our own if our diet fails. Of course, the silver lining is that it is no ones doing but our own when we succeed and that experience can be very gratifying.

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