The Baby Food Diet

Before I get into today’s exciting topic “The Baby Food Diet” I wanted to fill everyone in on my weekly weigh in that I did this morning. This weekend was different than others. Usually I gain about four or five pounds over the weekend because of having a few drinks and eating a bit more with my hubby, but then lose most of it, but not all, Monday after working out. This weekend I made it my goal to continue losing weight and not experience the regular weekend weight gain I usually do. It wasn’t even hard. I just ate meals and snacks like I do during the week and only had one or two drinks. Just another small change that is easy to make and can help shed more pounds. Losing weight isn’t always that hard, most of the time we just think it is.

At this morning’s weigh in my weight was…

204 lbs

Whoo Hoo!! That is a 7 pound loss from last week. I am beyond thrilled. To reach my goal of losing 44 pounds in four months I now have to lose 34 pounds in just over two months. Wow, did it really take me almost two months to lose 10 pounds? Oh well, now it’s time to get really focused. If I don’t ruin my diet every weekend like I was before then I should start to lose more every week. Wish me luck 🙂

The Baby Food Diet recommends eating baby food for snacks and to replace some meals as a means to control portion size easily and lose weight.

The Baby Food Diet recommends eating baby food for snacks and as a replacement for some meals as a means to control portion size easily and lose weight.

Back to today’s topic, “The Baby Food Diet”. When I was a child I loved baby food. I would beg my mother to buy me the jars of pureed fruit – those were my favorite. So when I was surfing around online the other night I was curious to see that there is actually a diet based on eating baby food, called the Baby Food Diet. This diet intrigued me and so I thought I would look into it a bit further.

There was a day when your food was portioned out for you, and the aim was to grow and gain weight. That was years ago, however, and your days with baby food may seem long behind you. However, there is a diet out there that encourages you, as an adult, to go back to eating the offerings found in these tiny jars. The Baby Food diet is something that has been around for a while now, and many swear by it. If you want a new way to try to lose weight, see if this might be something for you. Just be sensible about it.

This diet is much like it seems. The person who wants to try this diet would eat baby food for snacks each day to limit calories, and may even substitute some for a regular meal. It is not recommended that someone use baby food as their only food source, as that can lead to a severe calorie deficit. If that happens, the diet turns into a crash diet that leaves the dieter weak and tired, and very likely to rebound and regain the weight once the diet is finished (read the article “Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting” for more information about this unhealthy pattern). Have a few healthy adult meals each day and save your baby food for perhaps breakfast and your snacks for best results.

If you find information on the actual baby food diet, you will not see many recommendations for adding exercise to your new eating plan. This is a problem, as exercise is essential for healthy and long lasting weight loss. Add whatever type of exercise that you like to your new eating program, but remember to take in enough calories to sustain your body through that workout.

This diet may not be for you if you do not like baby food. That may seem obvious, but you may not take that into consideration until after you have stocked your shelves with these foods. Remember that baby food is ground down so fine that it often is watery or mushy. There is rarely any texture unless you go with older age baby food. The taste can be bland, and not everyone will feel full after eating baby food. Try a jar or two before you decide this is what you want to do. By the way, in my experience fruit baby food is much tastier than the vegetable baby foods.

On the other hand, there are some benefits to the Baby Food diet. Manufacturers are careful to make sure baby food is healthy. That means no added sugars or preservatives are included. You may even want to try the organic version to be even healthier. Many are gluten free, and they are chock full of vitamins and minerals. Baby food is on the cheap side, and comes in many varieties. So if anything, baby food can be added to your diet as a snack food. At around 100-150 calories a jar, baby food makes a good, portion-controlled snack.

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  • Herbalife

    Congrats on your achievement! Dont think I could do baby food though. Great idea if you really think about it, hope you have some followers.

  • Dr. Karl Forgeron

    I am performing a case study on this subject and will be publishing data in peer reviewed journals.

    I have been recommending adults consider this diet strategy for ten years now. This is NOT a diet fad, but rather a diet strategy that every over weight, obese adult should consider.

  • Dr. Forgeron – The fact that you are conducting a case study on this subject is fascinating and I would love for you to let us know when it is published (and where) so we can give it a read. What is the structure of the Baby Food Diet that you have used in your case study? Is baby food used only as snacks, or is it also used as meal replacements? Any light you could shed on how the Baby Food Diet should be followed would be appreciated. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Gypsy

    I have been on this diet for about 2 weeks or 10 days. So far no real weight loss in pounds, but I was shocked to discover that my waist had dropped from 45″ to 43 1/2″ without my knowledge!

    Here are the other benefits:

    1. It takes only 2 meals to immediately stop any hunger pangs. Totaling around 150 calories.

    2. My body now reject high fat foods, like microwave popcorn and soya-based creamer.

    3. I have stopped craving salty foods, sugary foods and restaurant foods.

    4. For me, the very low price, the mindless ease and the quick immediate results are perfect for me as a person who needs to lose 99.5 pounds and get back into my size 6’s soon.

    5. I am keeping a journal of my results, and plan to publish it as a book about my weight loss journey and The Baby Food Diet. Plus, I plan on creating a website, easy to commit, for those on The Baby Food Diet or B.F.D. as I call it.

  • B.B.

    Would it be terribly bad if you added a little bit of salt for taste?
    Just wondering if this would totally defeat the purpose.


  • I wouldn’t imagine that adding a pinch of salt to the baby food would make too much of a difference. It seems the baby food diet is more about portion control than anything else. Of course it is always a good idea to limit your salt intake, especially when dieting because it can cause water retention. Do your best. Have you been following the Baby Food Diet long? Have you had any success?

  • karyn

    Congrats on your weight loss success ! I have been on the baby food diet for 7 weeks and have found much success. I have lost a total of twenty- six pounds. It may seem hard at first you just have to stick it outm

    • Angie

      I was wondering how you did this for 7 weeeks. What was your daily intake and your daily meals? also, your workout and excersises? 26 lbs is about the range of pounds that I would like to lose within about 7 weeks before I have to go to school in september. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you

  • lauren

    karyn, can you let me know in what way you followed the diet?
    Did you substitute the baby food for meals? or just snacks? or everything?
    Very very curious, as I would love 35-40 pounds!

  • Greta

    karyn, please can you let me know in what way you followed the diet?
    Did you substitute the baby food for meals? or just snacks? or everything?
    I would love to loose 30 pounds

  • Ana Rex Ia

    Um… I’m sort of a younger person… do you know any way I can get baby food instead of real food without my parents noticing?

    • Ana – Why don’t you want to discuss your diet plans with your parents?

      Baby food is “real food”, its just portion controlled. It makes a healthy snack that is about 100-150 calories. Do not try to just eat baby food for all of your meals because you will not be getting enough calories. You may want to lose weight, but starving yourself is not the answer. If you don’t think your parents will buy baby food then you can always ask them to buy you some yogurt cups, apple sauce cups or fruit cups that will serve the same purpose – portion controlled and low in calories.

  • Sharon

    I am so glad to have found this site. I thought I was so weird because I would always eat my younger sister’s baby food (when I was younger) because I loved the taste of it! I love to exercise, this is defintely not a problem for me but my biggest problem in losing weight is my portion control. Even if I eat healthily (especially since I love to cook dishes myself) I always just EAT TOO MUCH! I shall definitely give this diet a try (in the sensible, healthy way that you have encouraged) and hopefully this is a step in the right direction for me! Thank you again, so much, for giving me hope in my weight loss goals.

  • colle

    i started the baby diet yesturday. i have baby food for breakfast and dinner and eat a healthy adult meal for tea. the food tastes great and leaves me feeling satisified and full during the day!

  • maggie

    do you think this would work for someone who only has maybe 8 -10 lbs to lose? i actually enjoy baby food, so I think this is a diet i would “enjoy”!!

  • Kari

    What all do you eat in one day of baby food? What is the requirement for this to work? I am diabetic and want to lose about 15 lbs before July.

  • yucamo

    I’ve been reading about Jennifer Aniston and others doing this diet, but all the information that I’ve gotten is that she (Aniston) eats 14 jars of baby food a day and a healthy dinner. What I’m really wanting is the actual diet, can anyone tell me when to eat…how many….and what kind?…fruit? veggies?…anything we like?…or what?

  • Lumpy Lou

    I need to follow this diet, but I need help. Is there a sample of what one might eat in a normal day??
    Like what do you eat for breakfast,lunch dinner-any snacking on the babyfood?? what about liquids?? how much water intake??
    Help !!

  • sissy

    can anyone tell me exactly what portions of baby food you have to eat?is it all fruits?or do you you eat veggies and meats also?and how much of each do you have to eat each day.please someone write back and let me know the portionsizes of what we have to eat each day.


  • jennie

    I started the diet yesterday. It was very difficult. Especially at nite, as i am a nite eater…i even eat in my sleep. I need to loose 80 pounds. I didnt eat last nite, I faught temptation. I feel good today. I love this diet idea and im not giving up! Im so glad I found you!, Jennie

  • Kelli

    I really like this diet.
    The baby food is not bad at all! IF you get fruits and veggies that taste good, you will enjoy eating them.
    I stated about 3 days ago and its working well. This is my plan for a day.

    Breakfast: Protein shake (170 calories) and a jar of baby food.

    Lunch: 100 calorie Granola bar, bottle of water and jar of baby food.

    Dinner: A full adult meal. Make sure it is portion controlled and not a binge meal.

    The adult meal and either be lunch or dinner depending on how hungry you feel.
    If you are having cravings between lunch and dinner, have a piece of fruit or baby puffs.
    (The baby puffs are light, yet tastes good and are very low in calories and have a crunch that some may need through out the day)

    This is how I do the diet and i like it a lot. Hoping to drop 15-20 lbs

  • Denise

    How do you do this diet?? I can’t find anything on it anywhere. I only have about 15 to lose, but like quick results. What, how much, and how often to I eat baby food, and I eat 1 regular meal? Please help 🙂

  • tash

    ive been on the baby food diet for two days now, i am the worst person for diets i seriously dont last a day but im not hungry at all during the day which is great and i have a healthy dinner like meat and veges 🙂 i have found my suger cravings have gone down aswel which is great because thats my hardest problem i always crave something sweet. the fruit baby food is sweet enough so it satisfys me, i did read that you shouldnt exercise but i want to loose weight fast so do u think it could be fine to do so ?
    also how long is everyone doing this for ? i was thinking 2 weeks or so ? does it have to be baby food from the shop or can you make your own in portion conrolled servings its so much cheaper like that and does taste better
    let me know 🙂

  • Myrtle

    I started yesterday. Drinking club soda and water inbetween babyfood and a high protien meal.

  • Alexis

    I am on my 3rd day of the baby food diet and feel great. I have lost 3 pounds. I know its alot fast but oh well. I bought the Toddler dinners for dinner, there are many chicken noodle variety’s and alot of pasta dishes and they come with a veggie. Only 110 calories. I have always loved baby rice cereal so I make some of that for breakfast and jar of fruit. Here is the clue to fiber and staying full, the Graduate Toddler cereal bars, I like the strawberry-banana ones. Only 70 calories per bar. The Graduate biter biscuits are just like a nice cookie and only 15 calories each and 1g of sugar. I also bought the snack crunchers, took a bagful of the cinnamon ones to the movies sat. night. I figure I drink what a baby would drink and stopped wine for awhile!! I am all set. Also, when you eat a jar with some meat in it you really stay much more full than just the veggie or fruit. So far I like it.

  • Melisha

    Hey guys! I am really keen on this diet and i would like more info on people who have tried this diet and lost weight,i need motivation. I currently weigh 53kgs and i used to be 48kgs,over winter i gained weight and im finding it extremely hard to lose this weight as i constantly feel hungry. I am 1.59mt tall and im 24 yrs old. I am going to buy some jars of baby food and give it a try,i hope it helps me shed of these few extra kilos.

  • MRS.H


  • Sam

    This is really helpful! I’m only 15 and I just feel like I’m not eating enough fruits or vegetables, so I thought it would be easier to get that through baby food. I also overeat constantly, so this might help my cravings, but I’m not really focused on using it to lose weight. Also, I’m thinking of getting the baby bullet so I can make my own, that way i know what’s going in it and stuff.

  • Brianna

    Hi girls, I started the baby food diet and it worked so well my husband actually is on it! Yes you heard me lol, he voluntarily went on the baby food diet and we are both on it. I am happy because he has always had problems with weight and needs to lose about 100 lbs and I am looking to lose about 40 lbs. We are both having great success. The baby food keeps us full and I have lost all cravings. He is a big man and the baby food satisfies him more than regular food did, also all his stomach problems have went away. He used to throw up often and get bad stomach aches, all that has cleared up since being on the baby food. I think regular food has a lot of “crap” in it because companies are not regulated on what they can put in it as much as they are with baby food. With baby food you get low low sugar and salt, no additives, no preservatives, unless they use a tad of citric acid (a natural preservative from fruits)no glutens not msg’s, etc. I will post every couple weeks to let you know how much weight we have lost. I try to eat balanced foods just as if I were eating regular food. I have meat, fruit, veggies. I also will eat a small 2.5 oz fruit or veggie jar in between if I feel hungry. I eat every 2 to 2.5 hrs. That keeps the blood sugar levels up. I eat 1 6 oz jar, or sometimes a couple 4 oz jars depending on what is in them and the calories. I have not been eating regular food with this diet, but I see where some people are. I just try to keep my caloric intake up to a decent level, but I can see why adding a meal would be a good idea and I will consider adding this if we experience any fatigue. Well good luck to everyone! I hope to see updates from all of you!

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