Weight Loss Camps for Children and Teens

When you think of weight loss, you generally think of this as something that is an adult issue. That is just not the case any longer. In fact, up to 33% of children and teens under the age of 18 are overweight and obese. These children are facing serious health risk and will become obese adults if something is not done to help them. Parents can help, but some have a hard time knowing what to do. That is why many successful weight loss camps have sprung up around the country. As with anything, do your research before you choose. These are just a few of the good weight loss camps for children and teens you may find.

Weight Loss Camps for children and teens offer a range of programs to help kids learn how to eat a healthy diet and include more exercise in their lives.

Weight Loss Camps for children and teens offer a range of programs to help kids learn how to eat a healthy diet and include more exercise in their lives.

Wellspring – This company offers many different types of weight loss programs including adventure vacations, weight loss retreats, after school programs, boarding school programs, and weight loss camps. They have facilities all across the country so there should be a camp somewhere near you. Wellspring does not subscribe to a one size fits all approach to weight loss, but rather works with the children and teens to see what they want and what works best for them.

Camp Shane – This camp has been featured on the Tyra Banks television talk show, MTV, 20/20, Dr. Phil and The Learning Channel. The focus of this camp is fun. There are some ‘fat camps’ that are more like boot camps, but this is not one of them. Those that run Camp Shane focus on getting healthy meals and exercise while the focus remains on happiness and good times rather than the dreary topic of weight loss. They are located in New York State.

Camp Pennbrook – This camp is unique in that it is the only one for girls and teen girls. This is so that girls can feel more comfortable with their bodies and wearing clothing like swimming suits. Camp Pennbrook features food menus that follow the FDA recommendations for daily nutrition and getting exercise through fun and innovative projects and programs. This camp is located in New Jersey just a short trip from New York City and Philadelphia, PA.

New Image Camps – These camps are located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania and Haines City, Florida. They take in children from the ages of 7 to 19 and focus on health and self esteem issues. These camps are devoted to helping children develop lasting friendships, focuses on individual attention for each camper, is a positive and fun weight loss experience, and offers an experience that helps a child grow beyond learning about health and fitness.

Camp Jump Start – This camp is located on 250 acres in Imperial, MO. This came is a weight loss camp that takes a natural and holistic approach to losing and controlling weight. They work with children and teens on self esteem and about building self value as well as taking care of their bodies. They believe confidence and knowledge about food and exercise are the keys to success for any child.

If you are an adult who wishes you could also go to weight loss camp, there are places for you too, but instead of a camp it’s a spa. Some weight loss spas are downright luxurious, while others are quaint and peaceful. What spa is right for you depends on your preferences and budget. If you would like more information about some of the more popular weight loss spas, please visit Weight Loss Center’s Weight Loss Spas Review section.

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  • Medical weight loss program

    Weight loss camps can be a great place for people to begin to learn good habits, build self esteem, and get some exercise. If one is serious about continuing to progress in their weight loss journey, they should consider beginning a medical weight loss program after their camp session is over. Without continued encouragement it is too easy for people to fall back into old habits

  • Sally Hudson

    I took my 17 yr old daughter camping last year hoping that it helps aid her quest to shed off the teenage weight she’s picked up over the years. It was a terrible idea. She got cold feet and demanded I take her back home. She didn’t even last 2 days. Well, looks like weight loss camps aren’t for everyone. Though I do wish my daughter would participate. Anyway, nice article, I will take a note of the camp ideas..

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