Managing Weight Loss after a Hysterectomy

Yesterday I spent the evening chatting with a friend of mine on the phone about her frustrations to lose weight. My friend had a hysterectomy two years ago, and although she has fully healed physically from the surgery she continues to heal emotionally. Before the surgery my friend was only slightly overweight, however being laid up after the surgery and finding comfort in food caused her to gain quite a bit of weight. In the last year she claims she has tried different diets to lose weight, but none of them seem to do any good. At this point she is concerned that managing weight loss after a hysterectomy comes with different challenges she may not have prepared for. In an effort to understand this better, last night after our phone call I did some research about how a hysterectomy can affect weight.

A hysterectomy can cause physical and emotional changes that can make managing weight and losing weight more difficult.

A hysterectomy can cause physical and emotional changes that can make managing weight and losing weight more difficult.

Not all women will have to face the reality of a hysterectomy, but it is something some will go through. Some have this as an elective surgery, but it is usually done as a result of a medical condition. It can be done as a result of cancer, or perhaps a patient has uncontrollable endometriosis and the best answer for them is to have the hysterectomy. There are many emotional and physical ramifications that come with a hysterectomy. Just one of these things would be possible and unexpected weight gain after the surgery.

Having a hysterectomy is a major surgery. This means there are going to be restrictions when you have gone through the procedure and are sent home to recuperate. As with anything like this, you are going to be put on bed rest and then limited activity for a while. This can be a prime time for you to put on weight. Some people lose appetite after surgery, but they generally get this back long before they can resume normal activities like exercise. You have to watch what you eat.

Your surgery is also going to limit your exercise program greatly for a period of time. It depends on your doctor’s recommendations and how well you heal. However, you can expect that your appetite and eating too much after surgery is not your only problem. If you exercise regularly, you are going to have a hard time lying still. You could lose some of the progress you have made as well. Ask your doctor about things you can do safely while healing – if there is anything at all. Also, take it easy when you get back to exercise, as you may not be in as good of shape as you were before the operation.

Hormones can play a small role in weight gain after hysterectomy, but does not have to be a huge factor if you understand what is going on. When a hysterectomy is performed, the body no longer produces estrogen on its own. That means it must be supplemented. This will not cause weight gain, but it can cause fluid retention. Also, progestin can cause appetite to rise, but most do not actually need to take this after a hysterectomy. Talk with the doctor if this is a concern.

Managing weight loss after a hysterectomy comes with some unique challenges both physically and emotionally, but that does not mean it is impossible. If you understand the changes that will happen to your body physically and mentally then you will be better able to prepare and do what you can to keep extra pounds from piling up post-surgery. Have an ongoing discussion with your doctor about your concerns and what you may be doing right and wrong. This can help you keep weight gain to a minimum and get the extra off once you are restored to full health.

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  • Anne

    The weight gain in your friend’s case may be from overeating, but there are many more women who have had hysterectomies and have gained substantial weight afterwards – and not from overeating. I’m one of those who has experienced a weight gain of 20 lbs since my hysterectomy. I work-out a minimum of 3 times per week and eat a health low-calorie diet. I have been doing this since March (my surgery was in January). I haven’t lost a single pound! I am unable to take HRT because of the threat of DVTs. Hormones play a major role in weight gain after hysterectomy. Scientific studies have been done to confirm this as well. Many women are looking for an answer. Instead of hearing that we are eating too much or we have to exercise more, maybe someone should be helping us figure out what will work to get our hormones back in balance naturally.

  • Tracy Tremblett

    I am getting more depressed about my research regarding recovery after a hysterectomy. Could you please assist me on positive results after a hystectomy…are there any? Is there any women that have good stories to tell?

    I am scared and not wanting to be over weight as I never have been in my life…It seems I can only find negative stories.

    If you know of any positive feedback, please send it my way…


    Tracy :0)

  • Donna

    I had a hysterectomy on 9/04/2009 & I feel very good. Before my surgery I surfed the net for information & feedback from women who had gone through the procedure. Most feedback was negative & so I was prepared for the worse. However, my surgery went well (the scar doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would) & the pain was minimal. The most discomfort I experienced was getting normal bowel movements. I asked my doctor about menopause & he informed me that since I would still have my ovaries, the surgery would not put me in to instant menopause. He also stated that it was possible for me to go through the process of menopause & not notice. (I’m hoping that happens). I have found myself questioning if I made the right decision but what’s done is done, so I try not to go down that road. I did find myself a little more emotional than normal. But I hear that’s normal. Good luck to you. Overall, it hasn’t been a bad experience. I wish you well.

  • karen

    I have to have a hysterectomy in January 2010, and I am really concerned about the weight gain issue that I have been reading about. I am already overweight especially in my stomach area because of an enlarged uterus. Before I knew my condition I went on a low carb diet and lost 15 pounds, but I started gaining the weight back again only after a few months. I’m going to search and search for the help that I need to lose weight, but I agree with the other lady,Ann that said she thinks it has alot to do with hormmone imbalance. It would really be nice to find a solution for this problem, and if I do I will let everyone know how I lost the weight. I’m an optomistic person and I don’t give up easily. Good luck to all of you in this situation.

  • Kim

    Hi Karen, I am also going for a partial hysterectomy Jan 2010 also. I did read Susan Summers Book- Eat, Cheat , and Melt the fat away. This program is specifically for hormone imbalance and working on getting hormones back together. I worked the program for a few weeks and lost some weight before Thanksgiving. I just started working out, just to realize that my stomach is partially large due to my fibroids. I don’t want to gain weight either. Eating correctly may be the only solution. Try Susan Summers it’s a good program and you don’t starve.

  • Jackie

    Hi Karen & Kim, I too am having a hysterectomy this January (20th) I am concerned about gaining too much weight as I am a snacker and eat for the sake of it when I’m at home. I have found a few sites where people have lost weight after their op. It seems the advise is eat little and often also try to sleep as much as possible. I’m having robotic surgery and I will only be in hospital for one night. Everyone tells me I will feel so much better after my op and I’ll realise how run down I’ve been. I’m eating lots of red meat at the moment as my iron levels are low. Good luck with your op and let me know how you get on.

    • Cathy

      it is one year later for you. i have fibroids and have been bleeding most of this year!! Dr. says its time for hysterectomy to go. Please let me know how your weight situation is now. I am so fit – I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor and bookkeepper – she claims I am losing quality and will swear I should have ddone it sooner. Vanity wants me to have my great stomach still – I am an avid waterskier and live in my two peice bathing suit all summer – is the scar badd…..pls pls answer I need some hope.

  • Paula

    Hello Ladies, to all that are waiting for there surgery good luck I know everything will be fine. I had my full hysterectomy on the 17th of November, since then I have gained 11 lbs. It could be because the 1st 6 weeks you really are not able to work out like you want or pick uo anything over 20lbs. Then came the Holidays, eggnog…..I am hoping to loose the weight I have gained and am doing a lot of research on the web. The low-card diet always worked for me, but like Karen, the weight came back. Ladies, please do not be dicouraged because of the weight gain. It’s all about patience and for those who plan on taking meds after, your body needs to adjust with the meds. It will be trail and error. I am on a differnt dose of Premiran now, hopefully that will do the trick and getting my behind to the gym. I will keep you all posted as to what has worked for the weight. I have 3 months to try to loose 15lbs.
    Heal fast ladies and make sure you get the recommended rest :o)

  • Jackie

    Thanks for that Paula, goog luck and let me know how you get on. I finished work today so I’ve got a couple of days to get sorted before my op. Don’t know why I’m bothering as my family will undo all my work while I’m in hospital! They are lovely, thoughtful and supportive but tidy they are not! As for the weight gain, If I had the choice of carrying on as I am or having the op and gaining a bit of weight, the op wins every time. By the time I’ve recovered it will be spring and a good time to think about weight. Thanks for your words of support.

  • Misty

    Hi, ladies. I’m facing my total hysterectomy within the week, and starting a new job on February 1st. How is that for racing against the clock? Fortunately, I’m a perfect candidate for Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy. This cuts my recovery time down to 7 to 10 days! I’m going to fight the weight gain, but I’m thankful for this procedure. Twenty years of Endometriosis has taken it’s toll, and it’s time to take back my life! Good luck to those awaiting your time, and congrats to those who have taken that step. WOMAN POWER!!!!

  • Mary

    Hi Ladies. I would like to offer everyone some encouragement. I had a partial hysterectomy last May. I was very much against the surgery, but found it necessary as my anemia was beginning to affect my heart due to the low oxygen levels in my blood. I have always been an advocate of regular exercise and feared that I was experiencing the early stages of heart disease. I had a LAVH with an overnight hospital stay. Recovery was short and I was back to normal in 2 weeks. I feel great today with more energy than I’ve had in years! I have not since gained excess weight due to the surgery, but I will be 50 next year, so naturally I expect keeping the weight off will start to become a challenge (which is why I am visiting this website). So hang in there ladies…managing weight may become a challenge, but I still believe the surgery is well worth it!

  • Uma Harold

    Hello Ladies. I am still recuperating from a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, performed on the 19th Jan 2010. After suffering from fibroids and an enlarged uterus for 4 years, I finally agreed to surgery. I must admit that I put off this procedure after reading various accounts on the net. The surgery was far better than I expected. I was in hospital for 5 days, and just loved being looked after while resting. It will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I am feeling mentally bright, with the occasional emotional release. I am still resting for about 40 minutes in every hour, though slowly getting back to some house chores. Thank goodness for the support of my hubby!!!!! I have only lost 2 kg since op, though am hoping when all the swelling goes down that this will decrease:)

  • Jackie

    Hi Ladies
    I too am 3 weeks post op today. During the first week I lost 7lb but now I’m eating better I have gained a couple of pounds. The last two days I’ve had the ‘munchies’ I’m even searching for left over Christmas chocolate, how sad is that? It’s a good job I can’t drive at the moment! I’m not busy so I’m snacking. I know this will result in weight gain but it’s hard to have willpower when I’m at home on my own. I’m still a bit bloated so I’m wearing loose clothing, this also doesn’t help. Never mind, I’ll get there, I don’t regret the sugery and I’m delighted it all went okay and I’m well. The weight is something I think I’ll need to work on when I’m more active.
    Good luck to you all.

  • Sally

    Hello survivors! I finally had my SIXTH and final surgery for endometriosis at age 41 in Sept of 2008. I was left with one ovary that promptly quit working. I am on Bio-identical hormones, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone and DHEA. I cannot get them regulated at all-my hormones are all over the board. I do a very limited diet (no sugar, few carbs and lots of veggies and alternative grains and organic meats) mostly for digestive issues. ANYWAY… I was a size 4 and within the last 3 months have gained enough weight to have my size 7’s be snug!! I cannot figure this out… I even started working out again… as I have not for many years…skinny but flabby – that was me. The weight gain is primarily my midsection… I feel bloated all of the time. I too, question whether the hysterctomy was a good idea…but, what’s done is done. I exchanged some problems for new one I suppose… I’d appreciate any advice that you all may have on how to combat the weight, hormone issues.

  • Sam


    I am still in my recovery process, 3 weeks post op. I have felt absolutely fine. In the first 2 weeks i lost 5lb and have put 2lb of that back on. My stomach is still quite swollen though and hope this will eventually go down, the scar is very neat and in my bikini line.

    I have started doing some walking on my tread mill now, 15 mins a day, and do feel better for it,although the more excersise you do the more your belly swells if you are still in the recovery process, so you need to be careful not to do too much too soon (I wish i could listen to my own advice!)

    I am worried about the weight gain, as some of the stories you read are terrible, but so far so good!!!

  • Julie

    Hello Ladies~
    I am six weeks post laperoscopic hysterectomy. Although I have kept my ovaries, I wonder from time to time if h=it has put me into early menopause. Prior to my surgery I was having night sweats and had a few post op as well. I am only 36, so TOO young for this to happen naturally.

    I am still wondering if I made the right choice. I have had a rather emotional few days, feeling sad about where I am at- hence what led me to this site. Although I have not gained much “weight” maybe just a few 3 or 4 pounds, that is not what bothers me the most. It is how things are fitting me. I am not that big, and have been in the same size for 4 or 5 years (after dropping a good 25 pounds). Suddenly post op, my pants are snug in the waist, my abdominal area is swollen and my pants are snug in the hips and thighs. It is just heart breaking! My eating habits have not changed, I am no more sedentary. I went back to work 7 days post op. I just am SO discouraged!

    I just wonder if the pain and the excess bleeding would have been worth keeping up with rather than this blow to my self esteem. I refuse to buy new clothes- yet my clothes are snug. AGH, it is just so difficult.

  • isabella

    After 20 years of endometriosis, I had a total hystorectomy 15 years ago. It did put me into immediate menopause, and since hormone therapy raised my blood pressure to 190 from 110, I refused to take hormones. I do take DHEA, white willow bark, and yam, which helps with hot flashes, and night sweats.

    I have had not loss of sexual desire, but rather the relief of PMS and endless pain, left me free to finally have a life without worrying about symptoms.

    However, I now find it extremely difficult to lose weight. I gained 20 pounds after my hysterectomy, even though I joined a gym within two months and did strenuous aerobic weight lifting. I finally lost 30 pounds by using Atkins induction, followed by a modified Atkins with less then 20 grams of carbs per day. I successfully kept the weight off for 13 years, but was at a 1000-1500 calorie a day diet, with restricted carbs and no sugar.
    I am easily able to stay on very healthy diets and exercise frequently, but agree that it is almost impossible to lose weight after a hysterectomy. Good luck to all of you out there, I am glad I read this, because recently I began suspecting that the difficulty in weight loss might be connected.

    I just started a low fat, low carb diet, but find I must keep it under 1200 calories a day!! I work out 5-6 hours a week as well.
    I am losing inches slowly, but not major weight (2 pounds in a month). It is incouraging to know other women share the same saga!

  • KEKE


  • Dawn

    I am 40 and getting ready to have a total hysterectomy on March 31, 2010. I am a nervous wreck. I have been exercising for the last 3 months and I have lost 20 pounds. I have been reading so many negative things about weight gain after this operation that I’m ready to cry. I’m already emotional and I haven’t even had the surgery yet. Ha!Ha! I hope my sense of humor helps:) I went on a health kick in the first place because I wanted to keep up with my teenagers and I want to stay healthy and strong for a long time. Any suggestions? How about the sex part? That is one thing my husband and I have never had a problem with. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Rashmita

    I am 43 and had a hysterectomy on Jan 6th 2010,my ovaries have remained. I used to train at the gym 3 times a week prior to my surgery. I was in hospital for 4 days and in herendous pain. I weighted 8stone 9pounds before my operation and now weigh 8 stone 11pounds. I started swimming twice a week 3 weeks ago, i go for an hour walk 4 times a week too and have also joined the gym again last week to maintain my weight. I feel no difference in myself except for more bloating on my breasts which i am taking starflower capsules and dandelion herbal tea from holland and Barratt for the last wek, which has helped a little. My stomach is still a little swollen and if i do too much it does swell up and becomes tender. I am on my 12th week today and i am thinking positive and am determined not to put anymore weight other that the 2pounds i have so far, so hang in there all, its not so bad, although after reading on the amount of women that have gained weight, it has scared me but so far so good.

  • fathima rishana

    i had a total abdominal hysterectomy done on the 12th of march 2010.its almost a month now..i had a wonderful maid to help me out but she left so im back to doing the sweeping and dusting.moms with me so she helps with the cooking and laundry.its a very tired still and at night i have terrible pains in my incision which makes it unbearable but the doc said it was healing well.i am also having hypothyroidism which doesnt let me lose weight.i really am eating too much due to sheer boredom.must gather my wiill power not to do so.

  • Dawn

    Hey Everyone,
    Hope you are all well. It has been a week and a half since the surgery. I have to say I think things are going very well. My husband has been a great help. I sent him to the grocery store with a list today and hoped for the best. I felt so good the other day I took my daughter and her friend to the mall. Huge mistake! I am sore and experiencing some bleeding. Not to bad but more than I was having. Also, are any of you or have you had pain when using the restroom? Not bowl movements but like pain right in the center of your lower stomach that just feels like a sore muscle and then the pain is gone once you finish urinating. Sorry so graphic. I’m just wanting to know if others experience the same thing or should I be concerned? Also, I have been using an ice pack at night. I prop myself up with a few pillows and lay there with an ice pack on my stomach. I really think it helps with swelling and pain. Not to mention hot flashes. Ha! Ha! I haven’t had to many problems with those, knock on wood. Well, gotta go. Filling tired.

  • christine

    I had a total hysterectomy on February 9, 2010. I had six pound fibroid and the doctor told me my uterus also weighted six pounds. So I lost 15 pounds total just in having the surgery. However in the last few weeks I have noticed that my appetite has almost doubled from what I was eating before had the surery. I seem to be hungry all the time and I have now gained back all the weight that I had lost. I am afraid that if I dont get the eating under control that I may put on even more weight and I definitely don’t want to do that. Any one have any suggestions or explanations?

  • christine

    I would have to agree with you that there has to be a connection. Everyone I talk to who has had a hysterectomy say that they have gained weight and not matter what they do they can not seem to take it off. One lady I know said that she just eats all the time! she even takes appetite suppressants and she still eats excesively. There has to be a connection and someone needs to find out what the solution is. Perhaps they should do some government health study on that !

  • Neely

    Hi, I am having a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy in June. I am so scared because of all the horror stories regarding weight gain. I am already overweight and struggle constantly with this. how do I keep the weight off? I need to hear some positive stories! Please help! I am also wondering how people do with the hormonal issues. Will I be depressed? Thanks:)

  • Emma

    To all those ladies who are scheduled for a hysterectomy….good luck. To those who are recuperating…take it easy and take your time, you will get better with time…don’t rush it. I’m 50 and had a total hysterectormy in June 2009. The day after I was released from the hospital I went back to the emergency room with a fever of 103.5, to find that I had an abscess that had formed in my stomach (a build up of infection). The abscess started as a puss-pocket that formed after the surgery. Ladies do not be alarmed.There was no negligence on my physician part…this was 1 out of 10 chance of happening…I just happened to be that 1. Well thank God that my 16 year old noticed that I had a fever because I felt normal…just the soreness from the surgery. After my sister rushed me to the emergency room, they almost lost me…thanks to the wonderful team of doctors and nurses…I’m still here. I spent 8 more days in the hospital and now I’m fine….except for the weight gain. Since then, within the past 6 months, I’ve gained 30 lbs. I exercise regularly (every morning), I ride the bike for 45 minutes to an hour a day, I eat a well balanced diet, lots of fruits, and vegetables and protein and drink plenty of water….and I can’t get the weight off. My hormones are so off-balanced its crazy. I have an appointment with my physician to discuss the weight gain and what can be done about it. If I receive any enlightening information that I feel will help us all…I will definitely share with you ladies. I am so discouraged because I exercise and eat right and I’m still gaining weight. I wonder if the doctor can help, but I “keep hope alive”

  • beth

    I have very encouraging info for ladies facing a hysterectomy. March 26th I had a complete hysterectomy. Basically I only have a vagina left. I feel better than ever and have lost 25 pounds. My energy level has increased so naturally my activity level has too. As prior to my surgery I ride my bike a couple miles, walk my dogs, garden and do about 15 minutes of floor exercises most days but now these things don’t exhaust me as before. I find I spend less time sitting around hence less time snacking. I am not on any type of HRT. I won’t lie the first few days after surgery were painful and since I had to have a vertical incision I have a scar from my pubic bone to my navel but I would do it all over again to feel like I feel now. Also I’d like to add two of my aunts have had hysterectomies and both declared it as “no big deal” and neither gained weight afterwards. Relax I think most women who get hysterectomies have outcomes that are more positive than negative.

  • Peggy

    Beth, I am 4 days post hysterectomy and your words are what I need to hear. Just looking for the energy to go to the gym and not feel like I am dragging myself there. Glad the fresh fruits and veggies of the summer will be available for munching during recovery.

  • Kerri

    Hi, I am 35 years old and am scheduled for full hysterectomy in July. I have never been overweight, but have been gaining weight in my belly..I am not sure if I am bloated, but am in a lot of pain…I am petrified of gaining weight after this surgery… I am worried about going on hormones..I am reading the Sexy Years right now…Anyone on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy??
    Hope everyone is recovery well

  • Kellie

    I am 32 yrs old and had a hysterectomy in April of 2010. I still have my overias. This is my 14th week of recovery. I walk every day. The issues i have is i am very bloated in the stomach and it looks like i am 4 months pregnant. I always have been 5’7 and petite. I CANT STAND having this pot belly. I did go for an ultrasound two days ago and there is no fluid build up they tell me. I eat very healthy and I haven’t gained any weight. Its the belly that is so bloated. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? It is making me so depressed cause i have never been this big. Is there a diet or weight program that i can try or anything i can try. I need help badly. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • sinthia

    hello ladies i had my vaginal hysterectomy on 04-16-10 i also kept my ovaries, i am struggling to keep the weight off i ride my bike five days a week and i try very hard to control what i eat but the urge to eat is always there, i think the number one thing we need to stay away from is white sugar.ladies continue on your journey of wellness and if anyone finds the magical solution please let us know =)

  • Julie Hosler

    After a long journey of many years with abdominal discomfort and pinching pain in the right pelvis, worse when i sit down and woken for years in the early morning with pain plus loads of wrong diagnosis and finally laparoscopy and hysteroscopy discovered extent of endometriosis and adhesions as well as ibs and piles! plus zoladex injections to shut off ovaries and mirena coils hrt you name it, i am now scheduled to see surgeon again for likely full hysterectomy scared stiff and live alone 51 years old. Im told i may not be able to have any hrt after full hysterectomy something to do with endometriosis coming back if i do in the first 12 months? Anyway i love walking friends dogs and will miss them terribly whilst i recover, i get the impression it will be six weeks before i can walk them again?
    Also i am a bit overweight but not excessively and i terrified ill turn into a marquee tent wearer! I am quite large busted and cannot afford to get any bigger luckily im tall but if anyone can give me info on any of these it would be appreciated. Julie

  • Ann

    I everyone I had a full hysterectomy three weeks ago , which went very well Iam bit fed up that I can not do much cause iam always on the go. I started a diet as soon as I got home , but my tummy don’t seem to be going any were, but I have found if I try and do to much it seems to get bigger, I have started to take evening primrose for my hot sweats which seem to be helping, just have to be patient with it so good luck to everyone,

  • Wanda

    What an interesting topic and I have been trying (time not permitting) to google “weight after hysterectomy” for a long time and wha-lah, a plethera of info. I had a partial hysterectomy in April 2008 and have since watched my body change dramatically. Before my surgery I was a workout attic and remain a lover of exercise still today but now I can’t shed a pound. I was a size 12 before the surger but could fluxuate easily and I am still size 12 however, I am thicker and bloated. I am a tall girl and weight gain and even as I am now (thick and bloated) is not good. To be honest, I have not GAINED any weight but my body is unattractive to me. I continue to work out really hard but what I haven’t done is really designed a healthy diet which I will begin as soon as I press “send” from this writing. Once upon a time exercise was all I needed to be fit and trim but I am certain my age (48) is a contributing factor but definataly the surgery plays a huge part. I am not discouraged I just need to accept the situation and do “my” part to make the adjustments.

  • Debi

    Hello Everyone,
    I was 49 years old with monthly pain that had gradually increased over a 5 year period. A TAHBSO was necessary on June 25th. I felt great within days of the surgery. My swollen uterus, ovaries, etc. was gone along with the monthly pain and swelling and I am ecstatic! I didn’t need pain meds after the first 48 hours, but I enjoyed the ice packs for a couple of weeks. The few years prior to surgery, the pain would cause me to stress eat and I gained about 30 pounds. I had always eaten healthy with lots of fruit & vegetables, but in those recent years the monthly pain would hit & I would take pain pills and “junk food city”! My regular exercise was ineffective in those last years. I would walk 6 miles for consecutive days with no change. After surgery, weight fell off daily. No more pain! It has been over two months since surgery and I continue to loose weight with little effort. I can walk three miles now and a pound drops off! When I push mower the yard, another pound comes off! I have lost 21 pounds. I’ll be 50 soon and I look forward to continuing to loose weight. Again, I’m finally “pain free”, not on any weight loss program or pain pills and I feel wonderful! And the bikini scar is just a thin smooth line…..they didn’t use external stitches or staples. I wish the doctors would have recommended this procedure sooner. Nothing but positive results.

  • Katie

    I had a total hysterectomy over 1 year ago. At first I was sad and questioned my decision. Now and then I still have my moments (I am not sure why since I am I found that the surgery and the experience was not as difficult or traumatic as some of the stories I read prior to my surgery. In my case I was walking the day after surgery and spent only 2 days in the hospital. Within 2 weeks I was feeling quite well. The key for me was to keep moving after the surgery. The longer I sat or stayed in the bed, the more stiff I became. Initialy,my stomach was bloated and my clothing became tight, but that resolved itself after a couple months. Prior to my surgery I worked out 4 days per week; however, afterwards I stopped going to the gym went back to my bad eating habits and gained 20lbs in 8 months. I have since lost the weight, I feel great, sex is good, and I am glad I had the surgery.

  • Kate

    Such an interesting read. I just got out of hospital 2 days ago after my hysterectomy and have noticed my stomach is quite bloated, even thought the tiny laparascopy holes are already pretty well on their way to healing. I was a bit concernend, but reading these posts has made me realise it is normal, so no panics there…
    Have almost no pain now, and not taken any medication today. I am looking forward to regaining a quality of life that has eluded me completely for the past couple of years, and some improvements that I have only been able to dream of for the past 26 years (I’m 44 now) as i have strugggled with endometriosis that was only diagnosed recently. As for the weight, well so far it has gone slightly down (2 llbs), and not just the tummy, but back & chest feel thinner – just so happy to be OFF medication 🙂 I am very happy!!!

  • maricon

    I had total abdominal hysterectomy(TAH)due to prolong bleeding (43 days) caused by enlarged myomas last August 06,2010 but my ovaries had not been removed. I was confined from August 5 and was discharged last August 10, 2010. The first five (5) days were the hardest & most painful time but the pain decreases as the days passed by and the stomach/abdominal binder helped me in my movement and eased down the pain. I lost 15 pounds during the operation. I had complete bed rest for the first 3 weeks but in between I started gradual exercise in the form of walking for 10-15 minutes per day each morning. I was taking vitamins C & B-complex from then on up to this time.

    My food intake consisted of soft diet the 1st three weeks with bread, fruits, plenty of water, black tea and later on started having enough carbohydrates, meat, chicken, fish, beef. Right now I maintained the 10 pounds weight loss for the past 2 months considering I was taking medicines for borderline diabetes and I am happy to share with you that the results of my previous diabetes tests was already normal.

    I was feeling on & off abdominal pain in the first month after operation. Last October 2010, I started feeling swelling, pain, burning sensation on both breasts and according to my OB I might be experiencing the same premenstrual symptoms. Though the pain lingers for 2-3 days only and bearable that is why I am not taking any pain reliever. Currently, I am fully recovered and started doing chores last September but still avoiding strenuous activities and lifting heavy things.

    Prayers, proper attitude, optimistic outlook, will power to survive are important factors to help you recover fast, to be healthy and fit and move on with your life.

  • nina

    ho avuto intervento isterectomia totale.dopo questo aumentato peso sopratutto la pancia.cosa posso fare?qualcuno puo dire quali esercizi posso fare?grazie..

  • Nikki

    I had my Hysterectomy Oct 26th 2010 and i am 27 years old. i was told right after i got back from my honeymoon i had cervical cancer. We tried to do everything such as a leep cone biopsies nothing worked. I feel great after my hystrectomy they did leave my ovaries but took everything else 🙂 The first 2 weeks were rough but after that i felt good. I had laproscopic so 3 holes still major surgery. I wish everyone well 🙂

  • Michele

    I had abdominal hysterectomy in Oct 2010.Had only my uterous remove, kept my ovaries. My surgery was not all that bad like I thought it was going to be. Considering years of painful period and bleeding for more than 15 days, I welcome the thought of not going through it anymore. I had large fibriods that cause a lot changes to my body, from burning to itchy swollen breast when I am in pms stage to swollen stomach. I have been somewhat overweight but since the surgery I have lost 10lbs and I think I am still losing. I am still experiencing painful bowel movements and it sting some when I urinate. I have acheing pains in my stomach letting me know when I am doing to much. My worry is gaining the ten times more than I have after I heal. I get the feeling sometimes that I am missing something, it makes me sad. I heard a lot of women get depress, how do I keep myself falling into a depression stage? I am just 40 and I feel like I age more since the surgery.

  • sandra

    hello everyone, I hope this mail will cheer everyone up, I had a radical hysterectomy 20 months ago with absolutely everything removed and I have a lovely scar the full length of my body. Yes I did feel down for a while, but you do get over this it takes time so dont expect miracles because if you are like me, when I was discharged from hospital i thought i would be able to move mountains. Take it easy and dont expect too much too soon. I know what it is like but believe me it does get better with time, everyone is different so it may take longer for each individual and all the side effects do go away, you have to let your body heal inside and out and this takes time,dont give up feeling good about yourself, even if you put on weight like me.

  • S A Naqvi

    hello everyone,i am 47 and ‘ll have hysterectomy on 28 december 2010 and i am worried to read your comments about weight gaining after hysterectomy. if anybody have solution for this problem please help me

  • darlene


    I had an abdominal hysterectomy Dec.9th 210. I
    The first week was the roughest but things get better with each day.

    I did not gain weight after my surgery, matter of fact I lost about 12 pounds. I have been watching what I eat because activity level. It sounds like most of the women gained weight due to over eating and low activity. I’m here to say there is life after a hysterectomy. No one said it would be easy . Think positive ladies and watch your cravings

    I’m going to be fifty-two years old. I had breast camcer two years ago and had to have the surgery to rid my body of etrogen because my tumor was hormone sensitive. I’m not a candidate for hormone therapy and from what most woman tell me it doesn’t work too well.

    I think we all have to get the right attitude and be positive. Exercise does work and it makes you feel great. Eating healthy is a must and you need to find a plan for you. Emotional support is a must. If you need a antidepressant, take it!! Talk to your doc first. There are also over the counter supp. you can take, ask a proffesional at the health food store and there are holistic pharm. whcih may be in your area. Last but not least, Pray.Give it to God. Ask for stregth to get you through all the physical and mental things that come with this surgery and believe it!!

  • Mindy

    I had my total hysterectomy on November 10th 2009. It has been 8 weeks since surgery and I have lost over 20 pounds. From what I have been reading seems typical to gain weight, but, that is not the case for everyone. I would like to state, that I had the surgery due to severe Endometriosis, cysts, and other issues. The pains are back, as if I never had the surgery done. I’m hoping this is just from scaring and will take time. But as far as the weight gain, again not every one gains weight. Does not matter if you were over weight prior to procedure, or have never been over weight your entire life. Everyone responds differently to surgery, and a hysterectomy-wether partial or total, is a major major surgery. Gotta give your body time to heal properly 🙂

  • Nola

    Hi there,

    I had my hyserectomy on the 1 Nov 2010. I lost weight post op but that was probably due to the fact that I hated the way the food felt going through my tummy, os I tended not to eat huge amouts. I have now put on about 1.5kg’s, BUT Monday I am back at the gym & I will not let this op get me down! I plan to be running again at the end of Feb, & I am pretty sure that with the correct diet & the running I will not put any weight on. I will keep you posted!!!!!! Oh yes and for the constipation use ground flax seed power – a teaspoon a day in the morning with cereal, or in a glass of water & then plenty of water for the rest of the day will have you regular within about 7-10 days (your body has to adjust to the flax seed). Try not to use the whole flax seeds as yo uwill lose out onthe Omega 3’s in the flax seed’s & they are NB! Good Luck 🙂

  • jennifer

    Hello everyone, this is the most stressful situation EVER. I am 31 and had my Partial Hysterectomy in 2003. After having two children by c-section, i had scar tissue that needed to be removed so hysterectomy was my presented option to get rid of dicomfort. I was in a size 6-8. during the next year i gained 30 pounds. i have tried medifast, nutrisystem, LA weight loss, running 5 miles a day 3-4 days a week. i have had thousands of dollars worth of blood test and doctor visits. i am over doctors i just dont believe in them anymore.

  • Pamela Duke

    I had my full hystoretomy July 27th of 2009. I am 29 years old. I have a realy hard time with my weight. I have gained 45 pounds I can’t loose it. I have not changed anything in 10 years the way I eat, the exercise. I eat the same if not less. I don’t know what to do. How can I get to the weight I was. I am bigger then I have ever been. I am on hormones replacement (evermist). it doesn’t help the symptoms of misnopause nor help with the weight. Help me PLEASE.

  • Suzanne

    My LAVH was Dec 3rd 2009. I have kept my ovaries. I was hemorrhaging and had fibroids, and adenomyosis. My uterus was the size of a 3month pregnancy. I was 48. I felt wonderful. Surgery went well, recovery was good. I was overweight before surgery I lost weight because it was hard for me to feel hungry. 20 lbs total. In the year and 2 months since my surgery I gained back the 20 lbs. This IS due to overeating and lack of exercise. I have been compensating for over 8 months with food due to financial and relationship issues, as well as a lack of sleep. So I do not know what I could weigh now just due to the hysterectomy. I do work a physical job, a bit more hours since surgery. I am trying to stick with a healthier diet and starting some walking this month. Good luck to everyone. A hysterectomy can be a positive experience if you prepare. Considering the bleeding and anemia I had, and the fact that I was not a candidate for any other procedure….it was the best option so I made the best of it. I know they say you should never have one unless cancer is diagnosed but I had tried everything for one year and was to a point that I would have to be on disability due to my bleeding and pain. I have children, and we made the decision to go ahead because my quality of life was suffering. I am glad I chose to have my LAVH

  • Denise

    I am 36 years old and had a complete hysterectomy last year. I gained 27 pounds in 6 months. I am MISERABLE. I can’t lose it to save my life. I diet and exercise and still gain weight. I am on Vivelle Dot for HRT and have been off of it as well at various times with no difference in weight gain or loss so I don’t think it’s that. And my energy level is COMPLETELY ZILCH. It’s been 15 months and I am not enjoying this at all!!! I have to make myself exercise but with no results, you lose the motivation! UGH! Magic answer anyone???? I am only 5 feet tall as well so I can’t afford these 27 pounds!

  • Michelle

    I had my hysterectomy 15 years ago,huge fibroids. After years of menstral pain and heavy periods,I can’t say I wasn’t happy to be free of the monthly curse…

    I lost 30 pounds in 12 days due to the doctor’s stupidity,he tied off my kidney,forgot to untie it and nearly killed me. Went back in for life saving surgery 9 days later to rebuild my urinary tract since part of it died.
    I have since unfortunately gained 50 pounds!
    Never had weight issues before the hysto…

    I couldn’t eat for those couple of weeks w/ my kidney tied up and being poisoned by the toxins…so afterwards, I crave food like I’m starving. Hungry all the time,tired all the time. Figure it’s from the fact I threw up 5 times per day,so bad I had dry heaves and actually had to eat to have something to throw up!

    Now I can’t stop eating,hungry all the time,even worse. I exercise,lift weights,you name it,hungry and gaining.
    I’ve resigned myself to dying fat and hungry,even though I exercise. I lift weights w/ my husband,I do feel better but haven’t lost more than a couple pounds in a year.

    Just want to end this constant ,painful hinger pangs…they are painful,if I don’t eat it hurts and my stomache growls!

  • Becca

    I had my total hysterectomy in April 2009. Now, almost 2 years later, I’ve found myself 45 pounds heaver. I’ve gone to several doctors and I can’t figure out what the deal is. I was told that since I turned 40 last September, that it’s my metabolism. I’m not buying it though! I’ve had my hormone medication changed several times and still can’t figure it out. I hope someday doctors will take us seriously!

    • Barb

      Amen and Amen. I am in the EXACT same boat. I had my hyserectomy 1 year ago and have gained 25lbs. If one more person tells me it is calories in verses calories out I may have to punch them. I too have had my hormone meds changed to no avail. It is not just in our minds, something has changed and would seriously like some answers.

  • Donna

    Wow, I just found out that I have to have a hysterectomy due to enlarged uterus, endometriosis, and cysts. I am mortified to read all these posts. Im 45 and already feel that Im all washed up as a woman with having to have this procedure to begin with. The last thing I need is added weight gain since I already need to lose 30 pounds. I really wish I could hear more positive stories that would make this easier for me. I am considering not having it and just suffering the consquences.

    • Marie

      Hi! I had a hysterectomy in 2005 – I gained about 27 pounds after it. I blamed it on the hysterectomy robbing me of a metaboloism…not true. Nor does the hormone replacement therapy have anything to do with the weight gain. I have just come to realize — in the past 5 weeks (about 6 years later)during which I have lost 14 pounds — that I was not eating right nor was I exercising enough. Many circumstances led to my weight gain…getting older, stress, making excuses, convincing myself I was eating well…etc.

      I too read web postings that got me depressed about gaining weight after a hysterectomy…how some women have been on diets for years and only lost 2 pounds…I had almost given-up when I asked my family doctor to help me…he put me on 4 shakes a day (Medifast) and 1 meal a day consisting of 8 ounces of protein (no sauces or breading) and 2 cups of salad with diet dressing along with 2 cups of cooked vegetables. I can drink water (at least 32 ounces) and sugar free teas each day.

      Plus I do at least 30 minutes of cardio six-days a week – getting my heart rate up, I like to do intervals – fast for 3 minutes – slow down for 2 minutes — and repeat on my treadclimber – and I have a personal trainer (come to my home – better than going to a gym and I love the one-on-one service — it’s not too expensive, here in Texas)- once a week for an hour.

      I am so, so happy I have lost weight and I am on my way to loosing at least 20 more pounds. I go to the doctor once a week for a weigh-in and vitals check – I like that the doctor is monitoring me plus it motivates me to be accountable to someone (the personal trainer too…I know I have to keep going or I will have to admit that I am failing at my efforts…it helps to have others support you — not just your friends and family — but at the professional level as well…).

      I wanted to share my success to hopefully encourage others to forge-on — don’t give-up – face your food and exercise demons — as I like to say “take back your life” that is what the hysterectomy has done for me in the first place — I was miserable “every month” and many days in between, before I had surgery) good luck with your surgery…I say don’t let weight gain scare you from having the surgery — maybe you can look at the surgery as a motivator to change your lifestyle – more exercising and eating better…whatever helps you to loose the weight) and “take back your life.”

      • Brandy

        Marie, I am just curious how old you were when you had your hysterectomy. I had mine when I was 29 and gained weight afterwards but I have weighted within 10 pounds for the last 2 years since the surgery. I like your plan and I am going to start somthing similar. Thank you for your words and they have helped me realize that i can do this! 🙂

      • pam

        YAY!!! FINALLY A SUCCESS STORY!! Thank you SO much for your posting. I am 7 months out from a TAH, was working with a personal trainer prior to my surgery (but still 40 lbs. from my goal)and was devestated as the pounds started creeping up. Just got the “all clear” to start working out again. Also cut out the frozen low cal meals that I was having with my noontime salad, and added a large glass of chocolate milk after each workout. Down 4 lbs over the last two weeks, but am realistic that those same 4 lbs. are going to fluctuate as it was doing as i struggled with losing pre-surgery. Considering HMR medical diet to jump-start things. Thanks for showing all of us that there CAN BE a light at the end of the tunnel!!

    • Barb

      I don’t regret my H at all – Yes, for me there has been weight gain, but I am no longer in terrible pain EVERY month. Good luck with your decision.

  • Christine Shiplett

    I had a hysterectomy as a last resort one year today. I have lost about 20 pounds since the surgery. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy; and it has taken alot hard work and a strict diet, which consists of lots of vegetables, proteins, fruit, and fiber. My biggest problem is water weight, that is why it is so important that I have a proper fitness routine. For everybody who says it is impossible to lose weight after a hysterectomy, you absolutely can do it; but it takes alot discipline both with diet and exercise. Hope this helps.

    • Leslie

      Christine, this is good news. It has been hard for me who use to be a fitness guru. Before the hysterectomy i had to stop working out becuase of the pain and then after it has been hard for lack of energy. Last week I started eating better and taking a weight loss supplement, but to my suprise when I stepped on the scale on Tuesday, I had actually gained 3 pounds. So depressed then I googled weight gain and hysterectomy and got even more depressed, but seeing your post has helped me a lot. I hope soon I can share positive results…

    • Shannon

      I had mines on May 16, 2010, the weeks following I lost about 25 lbs, most likely due to the fact I had no appetite. I was literally forcing myself to eat, but almost a year later with my I am still probably 15 lbs lighter than before the surgery. I think it comes from eating smaller portions when I eat ans exercising more. For those are getting ready to have the surgery, although ti can be emotional, today I feel better at 43 than I did when I was 25.

  • Jenni

    Hi I had a partial hysterectomy when i was 40 i am now 50. At first i lost so much weight i loved myself as i was down to a size 12 from a size 16 for the first time in my life, then the weight crept in slowly after i stopped my exercise regime and i am now a size 18. i blamed it on the operation, but in all reality i over eat i dont do any exercise and most of all i am a mature woman now and my lifestyle habits that i had as a younger woman simply cant continue. So i am going back into the gym and watching very closely just how i eat. No fancy shakes or diets i’m just going to exercise and cut down on my food intake. See you in 6mths time and i’ll let you know just how well i got on.

  • jess oliver

    i had a full hysterectomy 2 months ago im 27 years old since the op i have and still am losing weight rapidly i bruise real easily ive got dark rings under my eyes ive gone from a size 10 to 8 in a matter of 2 months i eat a well diet its horrible

  • steph

    i had my hysteresctomy about 9 yrs ago and i cant seems to lose weight since…i did lose weight right after i had it but it has since all came back…i am so depressed…i have tried everything possible to lose it and it just wont go

  • millielovinme

    I’m so glad there is hope for me to loose weight. I’m 43 years-old and I had my hysterectomy this passed December. I’ve notice some weight gain and abdominal bloating. I’m going to put myself on a strict diet and stay positive.

    • pam

      I had my TAH in November 2011, how is your progress? I’ve just gotten the go-ahead from my doctor to start exercising again (YAY!!!)and hoping to lose the 17 pounds I’ve gained since, and work toward my pre-surgery goal of losing 40 more. Have read so many stories about weightloss struggles — hoping to connect with someone who has had success. Good Luck to you — hope you are feeling well!

  • Nicolene

    I had mine when I was 19yrs old, I hav since picked up 25kgs. My eating did not change much, infact I ate less after the surgery but still packed in the pounds. Im terribly depressed about my weight. I dont know what to do anymore. I excercise 3-4 times a week for 30 min and I eat fairly well. I wish I could turn back time, Im not myself since the op and all I want is my old life back. 🙁

  • Kristen Parker

    To all my sister friends who are dealing with hysterectomy ,menopause,weight gain,loss,mood swings,and the lovely sweats or drenching like a marathon run…I am 49 and had a full hysterectomy January 5,2012. I was scared, and sad.. I have had multiple other surgeries for spinal cord injury and this was the most upsetting. To ad insult to injusy I stopped takinf Cymbalta within 10 days of surgery when my insurance decided no longer to cover the drug of 6 plus years. I went on it because in July of 2005 my 19 year old daughter passed away from Cancer yjen my Mother diagnosed one month later and Hospice back in my home as she too pased away.. 4 weeks after my hysterectomy my faher
    w ho has lived with me for over a decade now became very ill. He just passed away March 15th terminal cancer undetected.. So now where is some happy news or something good in all this. I went to find something other than a sweat suit to wear to the funeral (my uniform as I have called it gaining almost 50 pounds in a year from hurmonal inbalance,thyroid etc.) Then….nothing fit…YES nothing fit it was all to large!!!!!! I lost over 29pounds within 8-10 weeks post operative hysterectomy. So ladies don’t fret as our hormones can cause havic on us and you can have it cleared up with the surgery too. Not just the opposite in gaining. I ate nothing different, no exxercise as I felt like crap and it did come off. I wanted to share this because as women no one else could ever understand what it is to go through what in nature is normal but can be emotionally gut wrenching,upsetting to lose more of yourself at these tender years in life. BUT!!! I have realized one thing and that is after all my losses. My daughter the greatest..we can get through this, talk about it,find the right Dr’s and think about ourselves for the firat time in most of ourlives if we have been raising childre n and pampering spouses,working in and out of our homes and turn around and we are almost 50!! It is our turn at this point and we should all say enough care giving to everyone else and start this part of our lives for US!! Our health,mental and physical,embrace the etra 10 or more pounds as long as you are healthy and RUN WITH IT!!! Good luck and don;t listen to all the negative or you won’y be the woman you were in fact your better,smarter so think about Happy things and do even something small for yourself everyday…WE ALL DESERVE IT AND HAVE PUT OUR TIME IN!!!

  • Kristen Parker

    Sotty my keyboard is broken and I could not correct the spelling errors above, I think I got my point across, I hope so ladies..As I get it, I really do!!

  • Patti

    I had a full hysterectomy in September 2011.I was hoping that I would lose weight afterward but no such luck I have gained 25 pounds my cholesterol is high and I have high blood pressure. I go back and forth on dieting and at times I am depressed . I have now moved my e;liptical into the living room and placed it flat front of the TV I am hoping this motivates me as well as the 2 pairs of designer jeans that I jusrt purchased. One of the problems that I have noticed after this surgery is my belly it looks like I just had a baby and I am 50 I had the davinci robotic surgery by the way. I guess my biggest issue is my stomach I didnt expect it to go all flabby. I see the only way out of this weight gain is to eat little or nothing and fruits and vegetables. My grandmother ate that way morning oatmeal snack teas honey in vinegar water lunch rye toast with tunafish no mayonaise dinner iceberg lettuce piece of meat she really ate this way all my life she was strong and healthy and was not too thin or too fat. She looked good this is the route Im going .

  • pajamas6

    I have enjoyed reading all these posts. I am 14 days post op and feel great after a TH. I had some pain and complications from the 3 spinals they tried to no avail; however, the dull pain in my stomach is more like a nuisance or toothache. I had hotflashes, pain, cysts, endometriosis before my surgery and insisted on a complete hysterectomy. I have lost 12 lbs so far and trully feel the weight will melt off now that I am healthy. I was mentally ready for this surgery and look forward to a much better quality of life. I will discuss HRT with my Dr. tomorrow at my post-op appointment. I am a very active woman with 4 beautiful children to run after, I chose this surgery for their quality of life with me. At the end of the day, I put all my trust in my Lord that he will keep me mentally & physically healthy. thank you so much for sharing all your stories and inspiring me with all your strength.

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