Weight Loss Can Relieve Back Pain

I was spending time last night with a good friend of mine who underwent breast reduction surgery in the past year. This surgery was necessary for her because the large amount of weight she had been carrying in her chest region for the past many years had finally taken its toll on her back. For as long as I have known her, my friend has suffered from bouts of terrible back pain due to the extra weight she has to carry around. Finally, with the development of early arthritis in her back and chronic back pain she underwent surgery to remove some of the burden.

One important health benefit of losing weight that is often overlooked is that weight loss can help to relieve back pain in people who are overweight or obese.

One important health benefit of losing weight that is often overlooked is that weight loss can help to relieve back pain, particularly in people who are obese.

As we chatted last night I also learned that her doctor has put her on a pretty aggressive weight loss diet and has prescribed her to use the diet pill Phentermine. All of this is to try to lower her weight to take even more stress from her back and continue to relieve her back pain. It makes common sense that weight loss can relieve back pain, but I never really thought about its importance before. However, for those people who suffer from back pain, most will tell you that they would do almost anything to get rid of it, even if it requires them to shed some pounds.

Individuals suffering from obesity report frequently that they also suffer from back pain. In fact, chronic back pain and being overweight or obese are often diagnosed at the same time by many general practitioners. The problem with this is not just that it is uncomfortable for the sufferer, but that it also makes it much more difficult for the individual to lose weight. This is because a proper healthy weight loss program requires that the person adopt a healthy lifestyle of nutritious eating and regular exercise. When suffering from back pain, this exercise becomes a much more challenging effort.

Being overweight can lead to back pain very easily because of the way the body is designed. The spine provides the entire body with support. Therefore, the more you weigh, the more the spine is required to support. After a certain point, weight can cause more strain to the spine than it was designed to handle and only weight loss can provide long-term relief.

Therefore, if you are obese and suffering from back pain, a weight loss plan should become one of your primary goals. Make an appointment as soon as possible to speak with your doctor so that you can discover some exercises that you’ll be able to do without aggravating your back pain any more than it is already bothering you. With every pound that you lose, you will find that there is even more relief to your back problems. Furthermore, you’ll feel better overall both physically and emotionally.

Remember to keep up with the exercises that your doctor tells you to do. This may include short walks that increase as you build up your physical fitness and endurance. They may also include such low-impact sports as swimming, aquacise or using low-impact cardio machines. Make sure that you don’t let these exercises slide as they will be making a difference to your body every time you take part in them, whether you can tell or not. Drink a large amount of water, eat foods that are more nutritious than your current diet and reduce your portion sizes at meals. This will ensure that your metabolism is running at its best and that your body is able to function at its top ability. Even eating better should help to reduce the pain that you feel in your back as it allows for more effective healing, better lubricated joints, and decreased inflammation.

If you take care of your body, it will start to take care of you once more.

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2 comments to Weight Loss Can Relieve Back Pain

  • This is a great post about just ONE of the ways losing weight can improve your lifestyle. There are so many–like joint pain, diseases like high blood pressure, and having more energy.

    Back pain is a big problem. Look at all the medicines, creams, shoe inserts, and “heat” patches for back pain. I bet a lot of people don’t relate it to their weight. They probably just think it’s their back.

    Very sound advice. Thanks for sharing!

  • calcium

    I am totally agree with Kari. Even I strongly believe in Exercise. Exercise not only helps to maintain proper weight, but also helps build and maintain strong muscles. However, if you already suffer from back pain, consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

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