New Weight Loss Trends for 2010

Every year, something new seems to be discovered about weight loss. The more we learn about the human body, the more we can do in order to create better health and a slimmer waistline.

2010 Weight Loss Trends

Two healthy weight loss trends for 2010 include adding more fiber and probiotics to your diet.

Most weight loss trends seem to be focused on making dieting easier and faster. Although this may sound great, many of these trends, be it products or diets, don’t provide the results they promise. We have seen this time and time again with fad diets that come and go so fast it’s impossible to even keep track of them all. And then, of course, there are new diet pills and weight loss products that are being pumped out at such a mind-blowing rate its hard to sort through the fact from the fiction when it comes to their weight loss benefits.

When you put all the diet gimmicks aside and focus just on what new research in nutrition and health are telling us, there are definitely two weight loss trends for 2010 that stand out. Easy to implement and highly effective, these aspects of nutrition and dieting may be the missing links you have been searching for to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


A lot has been learned about the way the body processes food. Each time we eat, a number of different functions take place in our blood stream and in our intestines. When the stomach is not able to break down foods properly, they are sent to the intestines. And if the intestines are not able to break down the food, the body can become malnourished and bloated. In order to increase the efficiency of your digestive system, probiotics are a great addition to your weight loss plans. When you take a probiotics supplement, you will be adding healthy bacteria to your gut. In taking these supplements, your body will be able to break down foods more easily, maintain your regularity, and enjoy a stronger immune system.

In terms of weight loss, since your body will not be holding onto excess foods, you will be able to reduce bloating that can come along with constipation and gas from poor eating habits. As well, probiotics add replenish healthy bacteria in your digestive system, which improves digestion. While taking probiotics doesn’t mean you should eat whatever you want, they will help you to break down the foods you eat in order to lose weight more easily (for more information about how probiotics can help weight loss, see the article “Weight Loss Using Probiotics“).


While you might have been adding more fiber to your diet anyway, many people don’t realize how effective it is in terms of weight loss. By adding fiber to your diet, you will begin to slow down your digestion in a good way. This will allow your body to feel fuller, which will cause you to eat fewer calories. In addition, you will find that your blood sugar levels aren’t going up and down as dramatically, which will help you to have more control over your hunger pangs (for more information about the weight loss benefits of fiber, read the article “How Fiber Helps Weight Loss“).

You can add fiber to your diet in a variety of ways: adding more raw vegetables and fruits to your day, adding fiber supplements, and eating more skins on produce. In addition, you will want to make sure you are drinking plenty of water in order to keep the fiber moving in your digestive system.

When you are looking at the current weight loss trends for 2010, adding more probiotics and fiber to your diet are the two sensible ones that stand out as being healthy and reasonable. By choosing probiotics in supplements or yogurt, you will help yourself begin to have better digestion and the added fiber will help you to eat less without feeling deprived. Together, these two 2010 weight loss trends can help you reach your goal weight in a healthy way.

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2 comments to New Weight Loss Trends for 2010

  • I have been attempting to lose weight for years. It’s at all times an up and down fight. I take 2 steps forward and four backwards. I by no means appear to make much progress. I will start a food plan, do well for awhile, then return to my outdated habits. I do over and over again. Effectively, I am happy to say that due to sites like yours I been in a position to lose forty seven kilos up to now! You articles hold me motivated. On a regular basis I try to learn on one thing new to maintain my excitement and carry on going forward. Thanks!

  • Rick Simon

    I appreciate your articles approach toward nutrition as a sensible approach to weight loss and not just another gimmick. Fiber and Probiotics should be part of a clean living lifestyle. I try to get most of my fiber from my diet, but like the probiotics, I have to supplement them sometimes to keep my intake at a level that I’m trying for.

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