Weight Loss Forums: My Perspective

Weight loss forums are a lot like blogs. You get a lot of people posting about what worked, what didn’t, and new products, et cetera. Sometimes I will log on to a weight loss forum to get information on a particular product that I saw advertised or in a store. This approach has been hit or miss for me in the past. So here are some tips for using weight loss forums when looking for weight loss product reviews:

Weight Loss Forums

Try these tips when seeking reviews and guidance about diets and weight loss products in Weight Loss Forums.

  • Don’t take any one poster’s word on anything. Everyone has a particular metabolism and some have an agenda. Some posters may be bitter about a particular supplement because it didn’t take the weight off as quickly or as successfully as they had hoped. A supplement may not have worked because you didn’t change anything else in your diet, or maybe they didn’t use the product correctly. Look at what everyone has to say and then weigh the comments against what you know of your own body and metabolism. Some diets and supplements work better on your body than others.
  • Don’t stick with just one weight loss forum. Some forums get overrun by vitamin resellers who log on and plug their product over and over and over again. It’s fairly obvious when the product claims are so over-the-top that it feels like an online infomercial. I have yet to find a miracle product and certainly don’t believe it when I read about them on weight loss forums.
  • Ask questions. Forums are interactive. If a particular diet or supplement worked out for someone, ask him or her what else they are doing in addition to that.
  • Look for “Before and After” threads. Believe it or not people put their “Before” pictures up on the Net. I’m not sure if I am that brave, but God bless the ones that do! Sharing pictures is a real motivational boost and allows you to see who is telling the truth about their diet.

So, if you are looking for more information on diets or supplements by all means check out some weight loss forums and see what’s going on with other dieters. I recommend those on www.weight-loss-center.net but that’s because it has other things going for it as well. I can do my various “calculations” and supplement searches all on the same site.

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  • Lydia

    Just wanted to say I have been a member of the forums here on Weight Loss Center since June and I have lost almost 18 pounds! The support and knowledge of the other members has been invaluable. I log on every day to read the posts of others and I have been logging my own progress and sharing my own tips and ideas as well. It’s kept me accountable and I really feel part of a community that supports one another and best of all no one here ever judges. In my opinion the forums are a great tool not only for weight loss but for making friends. 🙂

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