The R&D Cookie Diet? Find Out More in the Weight Loss Forum

R&D Cookie Diet Weight Loss Forum

The R&D Cookie Diet? Find Out More in the Weight Loss Forum

Can Cookie be an effective diet option? One user at least swears by its efficacy as she swears losing at least forty pounds using the cookie diet. The weight loss forum member and family counselor claims that she embarked on a two-month project using the cookie diet to much success.

This is actually not a new diet program. Known in the industry as the R&D Cookie Diet, the weight watcher is advised to consume six cookies throughout the day to manage the hunger. Of course, you can’t survive on cookies alone so the diet plan allows for one meal consisting of six ounces of fish, turkey or lean chicken and a cup of vegetables.

The R&D cookie is named after the intensive research and development by the scientist who invented the product. It was mean to control hunger pangs, promote weight loss rapidly and allows the user to keep to his o her daily calorie quota and not have to sneak around for a piece of a pie or ice cream when nobody is looking.

The ingredients of the cookie are not known because the scientist had the sense enough to apply for a patent but it does have several flavors including chocolate, banana, coconut and blueberry. Instead of cookie, the weight loss product is also offered on shake mix form.

One thing about the cookie, however, is that it doesn’t taste good so as not to encourage people to forget about their health and continue with the lifestyles knowing they have a backup plan.

The weight loss forum member over at the website discusses the cookie diet and many other ways to lose weight. One good thing about these forums is that they are run by the dieters themselves so the topics are usually dead-on in terms of actual need.

Kstraka73, a new member, posts the diet program allows for a series of mini-meals throughout the day so the weight watcher can control the cravings to eat food. Nature abhors excesses and that’s the same with the human body, which only takes what it needs and any excess nutrients will only eliminated.

The R&D Cookie diet program, however, is not for everybody even though its advocates swear by its weight loss properties.  There’s no magic formula to the cookies because they are just basically high fiber and high protein grain bars which can become a good meal substitute especially when your body doesn’t really need a full meal.

The R&D cookie diet is just one of the many programs you can read on the weight loss forum. Every advise is taken from personal experience and you can mix and match according to the diet plans and maybe introduce some changes that suits your lifestyle and temperament.

The forum also provides a platform where members can support each other. There’s nobody who can understand what somebody struggling with weight feels than a fellow weight watcher. And sometimes a few encouraging words will be enough to push on even when it seems impossible to do so.

4 comments to The R&D Cookie Diet? Find Out More in the Weight Loss Forum

  • steve

    I don’t see how this diet can work long term. Like many fad diets, short term it might be ok, but I don’t think it’s reasonable for someone to have to eat these cookies every day for the rest of their lives. Yes, there is a sensible dinner involved, but it’s not enough of a lifestyle change in my opinion for continued success. As soon as one is off the cookies then what? Back to the old ways… I would be interested to taste one of these cookies though.

  • TaraB

    I think it’s great way to loose some weight! Eating the 6 cookies per day and then only having to worry about making a sensible dinner really takes the guess work and the fuss out of trying to grocery shop for healthy foods and then preparing meals. Part of the problem with dieting is that it’s just NOT convenient! If it’s easy to stick to it will work. I for one would love to try it.

  • Todd

    Received my cookies today via USPS. I ordered the oatmeal raisin & the chocolate. The chocolate is “ok”. Nothing to write home about. The oatmeal/raisin however, are quite tasty. regrettably I can’t send the chocolates ones back. I plan to do this for a month, and then get back into my “Fit for life” lifestyle regimen. Great book btw.

  • L.Leigh

    Thanks for the heads up on the chocolate lol. I’ll be sure to order only the oatmeal raisin. Let us know if you lose any weight 🙂 I agree with the convenience factor and taking out the guess work of making meals.

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