New Year’s Resolutions for Fitness

effective resolutions for fitness

Some resolutions for fitness work better than others. This is because they must match your lifestyle.

When you have New Years resolutions for fitness you tend to have to go crazy with it and ultimately fail. This is normal and this is yearly for most. there are reasons for this which we will get into right here and then show you some better resolutions you would be more apt to keep and by the time we get there you will know exactly why.

Why new years resolutions for fitness fail:

What happens is that we hit this imaginary wall of a date and take it way too seriously. It means that there is an illusory excitement that we have to live up to in order to fulfill what we think we need to do. So, the pressure mounts and we hit the bricks. Sales for gym clothes and sneakers skyrocket between Christmas and New Years and we spend a bloody fortune on a gym or gym equipment. Then as we get back to work and get back to normal–our old routine sets in. We don’t go to the gym and our home gym equipment gets to be a hanger in the garage.

So, what do we do to keep this from repeating itself? Well first we have to understand one last thing and the “aha” moment will catch on.
Never do anything that you don’t want to do at a time that you don’t want to do it or you won’t have any success doing it!

Aha! Yep this is the number one way to get disciplined and start carrying out those resolutions for fitness. Figure out what you like and do that! Walk, swim, play tennis and then once you are enjoying it–you’ll prosper!

New resolutions for fitness that work:

Lose two pounds a week until you are satisfied you’ve gotten to your target weight. Don’t limit yourself with a specific time period and don’t give yourself an impossible weight loss number. Stay away from anything that will sabotage your efforts and cause frustration.

Exercise in what ever way suits you. Choose one or two cardio exercises like tennis or walking. Figure out whether you like doing this on your own or in a group or with a partner. Choose two resistance exercises like walking with hand weights or one machine you want to invest in that you know you will always use. Just as side note though–this usually doesn’t work as well as free weights.

Change your diet gradually. Empty the pantry of what you have and make sure you exchange one bad thing for two good things until you have a well thought out plan of eating healthier with a menu and all. We find that just dumping bad for good never works long term because you end up losing interest in what you are eating. Take your time and read labels. Research the calorie content and the nutrition of what you like and see if it meets a healthier standard. There is nothing worse than having to choke down food that you are tolerating just for health.

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