Eating Carbs Helped Me Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

I was struggling for over two weeks to lose more weight. I was exercising regularly and was eating a healthy diet just like I was before, there were no differences in what I was doing but the pounds had become stubborn and the scale never moved. My frustration was at a height. I had come to that point that many dieters dread – a weight loss plateau .

I have experienced weight loss plateaus before during these many years of losing weight and have overcome them successfully by either mixing up my exercise program, lowering my daily calorie intake, or both (see this helpful link Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau). But in this case, I had already done all these things and the weight was still hanging on for dear life. It was only by going against what I normally do that helped me to overcome this new plateau.

Although I do not subscribe to a set diet program, my diet is naturally low in carbs because I avoid carby foods, such as breads, pasta, potatoes, etc. But one day I had such an overwhelming urge for brown rice with vegetables that I made myself some. I savoured this dish but dreaded the scale in the morning. To my surprise, when I weighed myself the next day my weight was down . Also, because of the carbs, I had a huge amount of energy and was able to exercise harder than ever before that afternoon. I have started to include a few whole grains into my diet and the results have been incredible. I have started losing weight again and have so much more energy for exercise than I did before.

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