Fashion Tips for Looking Thinner

Having a lean look without dieting can prove to be an elusive goal for most individuals who have questionable taste when it comes to fashion. With so many fashion options to choose from, finding a style that is both comfortable and flattering can be quite a challenge for those of us who are “larger boned”. The good news is that while you plug away at dieting and losing weight there are ways to start looking slimmer right now. Here’s what I have found to be the best fashion tips for looking thinner.

A loose fitting, vertical-striped top can help slim a more robust frame. These pictures were taken from this great clothing website for women

A loose fitting, vertical-striped top can help slim a more robust frame. These pictures were taken from this great clothing website for women

Some of the major fashion elements to consider before settling for a specific style include textile color, design patterns, texture size and body types. When it comes to color, using dark fabrics that have an appealing texture and stylish looks like cashmere, silk or suede can make one appear slender and taller than they really are without attracting attention to their body size. For individuals who like dark colors they can use black or dark brown to give them the elegance of a trim and tall look. However, in case they prefer to put on two different colors that blend, the lighter tone should be on the top while the darker tones at the bottom give you a lean look in terms of balance.

Pants with a pin-stripe or vertical-stripe pattern are very slimming. A dark pant with narrow pin-stripes is probably the best way to appear like you have just dropped a bunch of weight without having to hit the gym once. Blouses and jackets with vertical stripe patterns also have a slimming effect for the upper body. Of course, wearing striped pants with a striped shirt and jacket can be a tricky thing to pull off well, so if you’re not sure what you’re doing, just stick with one or the other. Also, just so we’re clear here, horizontally-striped garments have the opposite effect and can make you look larger than you really are.

In terms of body types, wearing narrow bottoms or straight pants with hidden pockets gives the illusion of a slender look. On the other hand, women can wear well-hemmed short, straight skirts to give them a youthful and thin look. Both men and women can achieve a thin appearance by getting themselves single breast or long straight jackets that have no visible pocket. Fashion challenged individuals also need to be aware that the use of belts and pleats on pants or skirts gives the illusion of weight gain around the waist.

Speaking of around the waist, a big NO-NO is to wear jeans or pants that are too small for you. If you are naturally pear-shaped or if you are shaped more like a snowman (that’s me), you want to choose jeans and other pants that are loose fitting and not clingy. If you have to spend five minutes sausaging yourself into a pair of old jeans, stop yourself. Not only is this effort killing your self-esteem by being a cruel reminded of thinner days in your past, it is also going to end up making a fashion statement of the most horrible kind. Also, if you have rolls of fat overflowing the top of your pants, the worst thing you can do is wear a tight-fitting top.

As for clingy tops, there are some good and bad kinds to choose from if you are trying to hide a few extra pounds. A top that is snug around the chest with a plunging neckline, but then flares out over the stomach area can be very flattering and will give you room to breath. However, a clingy shirt from top to bottom is going to leave very little to the imagination, so is not going to have a very slimming effect. Another great fashion tip for looking thinner is to wear a loose-fitting, shear blouse with a camisole underneath.

For those of us who would like a slimmer looking face here’s a great tip – avoid collars and turtle necks. For a slimming facial look, wear tops with a v-shaped neck, boat neck or undo the top couple of buttons on your dress shirt. As well, for women a nice necklace that draws the eyes down away from the chin area can be a nice touch. Also, wearing your hair up instead of down around your shoulders can have a very slimming effect on the face and neck areas.

People with visibly big feet and thick legs or calves that are too shy to show them off can give the impression of lean limbs by wearing pants and shoes of the same color. In addition, individuals need to work on giving their bodies the right posture because it can go a long way in showing a visible reduction of pounds.

The best fashion tip for looking thinner that I can give you is this – feel good about yourself and display confidence. We spend so much time trying to cover up the parts of our bodies that embarrass us that sometimes we overlook the parts of our bodies we should be flaunting. Everyone can find at least one thing they like about their body and you should be proud to show it off. An air of self-confidence and happiness with your body will always draw more positive attention from other people than the clothes you are wearing.

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