Low Calorie Dinner Ideas

Try adding these three simple, low calorie dinner ideas to your weekly meals.

Try adding these three simple, low calorie dinner ideas to your weekly meals.

Most people consider dinner to be the biggest meal of the day, but for dieters, having a huge meal at any time is a problem. You do not have to eat celery all day to lose weight, and you should make sure your dinner is satisfying or you could be snacking away later in the night. That will throw your diet off track in record time. Instead, think about some lower calorie dinner ideas that work well for you. They do not have to come from the freezer section of the super market, though that is a good suggestion on occasion.

Instead of frozen, think of fresh foods that are lower in calories and good for you too. When thinking about fitting dinner into your diet, try to eat right around 600 calories. That leaves room for a snack later before bed if you need one. Mix and match items you love and remember to keep a keen eye on your serving size when adding calories up for your meals. You don’t want to eat more than you think because your serving sizes were not right.

Here are three low calorie dinner ideas that are all around 600 calories. I cook these dinners for me and my husband on a regular basis and can vouch for their tastiness and simplicity.

Soup and Sandwich: this meal idea is great any time of the year. There are many great varieties of soups out today that are lower calorie and lower in sodium. You can pair these with sandwiches made with low calorie wheat bread, healthy deli meats, low fat cheese, lettuce, tomato, and low fat mayo. You add a piece of fruit and skim milk, you have a great filling yet low calorie meal each and every time.

Tacos with lettuce, tomato, low fat cheese, and seasoned chicken breast, cup of cottage cheese, half a cup of berries, and skim milk or 100 percent unsweetened fruit juice. This meal will fall within the 600-700 if you keep an eye on your portions and count all calories as you make your tacos. If you add taco sauce, don’t forget to count those calories too.

You can turn any salad into a dinner by adding meat or another source of protein. Start with a basic salad of your choosing, remembering to keep items low fat and low calorie, and add a meat of your choice. Baked chicken breast and seasoned low fat hamburger are two options if you do not go overboard. You can add a piece of fruit to this dinner and the low calorie but healthy drink of your choice.

Of course there are a limitless number of recipes that are healthy and low calorie. If you are just starting to learn how to prepare these types of meals, I stongly suggest that you go to a book store and buy a low-calorie cookbook. This was how I started and now I have quite a collection of recipes that I use on a regular basis. I also encourage our blog visitors to share their own favorite recipes for either Low Calorie Dinner Ideas, Low Calorie Lunch Ideas or Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas.

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